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Nexxis is recruiting a Product Development Manager with Industrial Design expertise to lead the development of the Magneto robotic platform. The role will involve leading the development of legged locomotion and perception systems, managing project schedules, and ensuring efficient resource allocation.


Posted 42 day ago

Position Summary:

Nexxis is recruiting a skilled and experienced Product Development Manager with a focus on Industrial Design to join their team in O'Connor, Perth WA. As the Product Development Manager for the Magneto robotic platform, you will lead the development of legged locomotion and perception systems, playing a crucial role in advancing the most sophisticated legged robot in the robotic inspection industry.


  • Lead the development of Nexxis Magneto from concept to commercialization, demonstrating technical expertise, project management skills, and innovation.
  • Guide the technical aspects of legged locomotion and perception system development, including setting requirements, architectural decisions, design/code reviews, and integration.
  • Manage project schedule, budget, and development, ensuring efficient resource allocation and adherence to timelines.


  • Experience leading engineering teams.
  • Proficiency in Robotics Operating System development (C++).

About Company:

Nexxis is a dynamic technical equipment supplier, providing an extensive range of inspection, testing, and measuring equipment for various industries, including oil rigs, subsea installations, engines, mining operations, infrastructure projects, and manufacturing processes. 

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