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As the Principal Offshore Pipeline Engineer, you will assume a pivotal role in steering medium to large and complex projects.


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Position Description:

As the Principal Offshore Pipeline Engineer, you will assume a pivotal role in steering medium to large and complex projects. You'll wield significant technical authority and bear complete work responsibilities. This position offers the latitude to assign and review the work of lower-level personnel, allowing you to contribute to the growth and success of the team.

Company Overview:

Gulf is a prominent player in the energy sector, driving excellence through its comprehensive range of services. We are currently seeking a seasoned professional for the role of Principal Offshore Pipeline Engineer. This individual will lead in the execution of medium to large-scale projects, leveraging their technical expertise and leadership capabilities.

Essential Functions:

  • Oversee all offshore pipeline engineering work products, including calculations, design, and specifications.
  • Demonstrate a strong grasp of offshore pipeline design practices, project planning, cost control requisites, and procurement protocols.
  • Apply your expertise in performing detailed offshore pipeline design.
  • Provide invaluable technical leadership to junior engineers.
  • Craft and develop engineering training materials.
  • Act as a key interface between engineering teams, management, and clients.
  • Ensure that all engineering activities align with pertinent regulations, codes, and Gulf's operational procedures.
  • Independently formulate or review discipline project specifications.
  • Scrutinize the discipline scope of work, ensuring alignment with project specifications and proposal documents.
  • Conduct thorough quality control checks on offshore pipeline engineering documents.

Relevant Experience:

  • Proficient in offshore pipeline engineering and design for water depths of up to 100 meters.
  • Experienced in engineering and designing offshore loading systems via floating buoys and/or turrets.
  • Skilled in engineering and designing Pipeline End Manifolds (PLEMs).
  • Well-versed in developing specifications for hoses (subsurface and floating).
  • Competent in establishing specifications/requirements for pollution control systems and devices.
  • Expertise in engineering and designing anchoring systems for buoys and moorings.
  • Knowledgeable in formulating specifications for geological and geophysical analyses related to pipeline routes, buoy installations, sea states, etc.


  • Typically possesses 10+ years of hands-on experience in offshore pipeline engineering, operations, or construction.
  • Proficient in all relevant codes and regulations governing offshore pipeline engineering.
  • Well-versed in computer systems within an engineering environment.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.


  • Holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering.
  • Preferred PE (Professional Engineer) Certification.


  • Driven by results.
  • Customer-centric focus.
  • Dedication to precision and work quality.

Why Join Gulf:

Gulf is committed to fostering diversity and inclusivity, valuing individuals for their unique perspectives. We offer an enriching work atmosphere that encourages growth and innovation. As the Principal Offshore Pipeline Engineer, you will spearhead significant projects, shape the industry landscape, and make lasting contributions to the energy sector.

Apply Today:

Seize the opportunity to lead and innovate by joining Gulf as the Principal Offshore Pipeline Engineer. Your proficiency and leadership will be the driving forces behind our continued success. Expect competitive remuneration, growth opportunities, and a collaborative work environment. Embark on an impactful journey by applying now.

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