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Team, Inc. is recruiting an NDT Technician Trainee for a full-time position in Wood River, IL, supporting NDT Technicians in non-destructive testing procedures and obtaining certification. Requirements include a valid driver's license and background checks.


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Position Summary:

Team, Inc. is recruiting an NDT Technician Trainee for a full-time position located in the Wood River, IL region. The NDT Trainee's primary role involves supporting NDT Technicians in executing non-destructive testing procedures on materials while concurrently undergoing training towards obtaining certification.


  • Set up and calibrate non-destructive testing equipment, closely supervised by a certified technician.
  • Collaborate with NDT Technicians to implement quality, non-destructive testing methods.


  • Possession of a valid driver’s licence and compliance with pre-access drug and alcohol testing.
  • Mandatory pre-employment background checks.

About Company:

Team, Inc. is a leading industrial services company with a global presence. They are experts in construction, maintenance, and associated systems to serve clients in refining, petrochemical, power, pipeline, and other heavy industrial industries. With over 220 locations worldwide, they are rapidly expanding their footprint across five continents. Team, Inc. offers equal employment opportunities and promotes a diverse and inclusive workplace.

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