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Testia is seeking an NDT Technician to expand non-destructive testing activities in aeronautical maintenance and manufacturing. The role involves performing non-destructive checks on aircraft components and contributing to team skill enhancement through training.


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Position Summary:

As an NDT Technician at Testia, a subsidiary of the Airbus group, you will play a crucial role in the expansion of non-destructive testing activities, particularly in aeronautical maintenance and manufacturing. Collaborating with a team of NDT technicians, your responsibilities include performing non-destructive checks on aircraft components, writing operating procedures, generating inspection reports, and contributing to team skill enhancement through training. The position offers a unique opportunity for theoretical and practical training, leading to COFREND/COSAC certifications, and may result in a permanent contract upon successful certification.


  • Conduct non-destructive checks on dismantled aircraft parts, both in-house and at customer locations.
  • Develop operating procedures for the implementation of the required controls.


  • Bachelor's or Master's degree (Bac + 2/3) in NDT, Materials, Physical Measurements, Mechanics, Aeronautical Maintenance, or Electrotechnics.
  • Preferably, with initial professional experience in NDT, knowledge of materials in aircraft structures is advantageous.

Offer Information:

  • Location: Agency in Nantes/Toulouse/Ile de France/PACA/Bordeaux/Lons Le Saunier. Travel in France or abroad may be required.
  • Duration: 400-hour training (approximately 3 months) for COFREND/COSAC level 1 certification.
  • Remuneration: Compensation by Pôle Emploi during the training period, followed by a Testia contract upon successful certification. Permanent contract possibility.

About Company:

Testia an Airbus group subsidiary, boasts over 30 years of expertise in Aerostructure Control within the aeronautics and space industries. The company engages with clients through fixed-price study contracts, technical assistance missions, specialised training for contractors and suppliers, and the development of innovative products for optimising controls across the aeronautical value chain.

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