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Oceaneering is recruiting a 7-month Fixed-term NDT Supervisor to ensure safe, efficient, and profitable operations. The role involves coordinating inspection activities, maintaining client liaison, preparing site technicians and overseeing inspection quality assurance.


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Position Summary:

Oceaneering is currently recruiting for the position of NDT Supervisor on a 7-month Fixed-term basis. The primary purpose of this role is to ensure the safe, efficient, and profitable day-to-day operation of the department. The NDT supervisor will collaborate closely with in-country operations management to facilitate the delivery of client and contractor requirements. The incumbent will be responsible for coordinating inspection activities, maintaining client liaison, preparing site technicians' rota, and overseeing inspection quality assurance.


  • Direct inspection activities as specified by management.
  • Liaise with client personnel to ensure the smooth flow of site operations.
  • Act as the point of contact for client inquiries regarding inspection activities.
  • Prepare rota for site technicians.
  • Correspond and coordinate with the Dubai Operations team on rota and travel arrangements.
  • Collect timesheets from technicians at the site.
  • Send collected timesheets to the Dubai Operations team.
  • Supervise inspections and ensure compliance with established standards.
  • Oversee inspection report preparation.
  • Ensure availability and reliability of inspection equipment.
  • Ensure all working procedures, practices, and systems are followed.
  • Verify that employees are inducted and adequately trained to carry out their work.
  • Evaluate candidates on a case-by-case basis regarding RT and UT qualifications.
  • Maintain documentation related to inspection activities and personnel qualifications.
  • Liaise with the Dubai Operations team on various operational aspects.


  • PCN/CSWIP/ASNT - RT Level 2 – Radiographic Testing (E)
  • PCN/CSWIP/ASNT - RT Level 2 – Radiographic Interpretation (E)
  • PCN/CSWIP/ASNT - UT Level 2 – Ultrasonic Testing (E)
  • PCN/CSWIP/ASNT - ET Level 2 – Eddy Current Testing (P)
  • PCN/CSWIP/ASNT - MT Level 2 – Magnetic Particle Testing (P)
  • PCN/CSWIP/ASNT - PT Level 2 – Dye/Liquid Penetrant Testing (P)
  • PCN/CSWIP/ASNT - VT Level 2 – Visual Testing (P)

About Company:

Oceaneering pushes boundaries in deep water, space, and motion entertainment environments, providing innovative solutions to tomorrow's challenges. Their integrated products and services safely de-risk operational systems, increase reliability, and enable a lower total cost of ownership.

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