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Job Responsibilities

1. Study related technical and international standards and conduct NDT inspection at the site. Establish techniques for proper examination of objects under inspection, ensuring strict adherence to quality regulations

. Establish appropriate inspection techniques for inspected items to ensure strict compliance with quality regulations.

2. Ensure inspection documents are complete. Review the deliverable prepared by the individual/team before passing it to clients.

3. Identify the elements of the project likely to give rise to disputes and claims.

Identify the elements of the project that may lead to disputes and complaints.

4. Maintain strict adherence to project specifications, quality plans, and safety standards.

Strictly abide by the project specification, quality plan, and safety standards.

5. Participate in training and be qualified for ISO 9712 trainer.

Participate in training and be qualified for ISO 9712 trainer.

Job Requirements

1. Ability to obtain ISO 9712 and ASNT Level II certification for VT, MT

, PT and UT Follow the written and oral instructions under the most basic supervision. 3. Perform the NDT procedure and prepare the necessary documentation of the NDT inspection process. Execute non-destructive inspection procedures, and prepare relevant documents and reports required for the non-destructive inspection process. 4. Willing to travel and/or reside at the work site, depending on the assignment. Able to travel or stay in the factory in accordance with work requirements. 5. Aggressive working attitude, positive thinking personality Possess positive working attitude and positive thinking personality traits.

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