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We are seeking an experienced inspector to oversee the quality assurance of a fabrication facility on behalf of Bureau Veritas's client.

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Job Description:

We are seeking an experienced inspector to oversee the quality assurance of a fabrication facility on behalf of Bureau Veritas's client. In addition, the inspector will be responsible for conducting on-site inspections during the construction phase. The ideal candidate should possess in-depth knowledge of the American Welding Society (AWS) codes and relevant experience in a similar position. Key responsibilities of the role include:

• Collaborating with the Project Manager to define the specific requirements of a work order, including the scope of work, deliverables, schedule, and budget for a particular assignment.

• Communicating with the Project Manager, fabrication shops, contractors, and other third parties to resolve any scheduling issues.

• Ensuring that all services provided adhere to the project requirements and contract with the client.

• Generating and processing timesheets, billing reports, and inspection reports in a timely and thorough manner, adhering to all applicable deadlines. All reports should be typewritten using Microsoft Word/Adobe Acrobat and submitted electronically to the Project Manager.

• Communicating any relevant information from the fabrication facility regarding upcoming assignments and potential work that Bureau Veritas could undertake.

• Maintaining a positive working relationship between Bureau Veritas, the fabrication facility, and the client.

• Ability to work remotely from the established Bureau Veritas offices.

• A client-oriented approach with an emphasis on understanding and fulfilling client needs.

• Attention to detail with a commitment to the quality control and quality assurance process. Ability to comprehend and interpret complex design and fabrication plans and specifications.

• Excellent communication and documentation skills with the ability to convey technical issues to the Project Manager, clients, and the fabrication facility. Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel) is required, and knowledge of Adobe Acrobat and Lotus Notes is preferred. Proficient use of modern communication and computer equipment, including cell phones, laptop computers, and digital cameras.

• Ability to manage multiple simultaneous assignments without sacrificing efficiency or work quality.

• A team player willing to collaborate with clients, field staff, other Bureau Veritas offices, and the global Bureau Veritas organization.


The ideal candidate must meet the following requirements:

• Extensive experience in Bridge Fabrication inspections (D1.5).

• In-depth knowledge and experience with D1.1 and D1.5.

• Current AWS CWI Certification is a must.

• Preferred NDT certifications include MT, UT, and RT Film Interpretation.

• Preferred NACE or SSPC Certification.

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