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Conference for Inspection & Maintenance Robotics 2024

The SPRINT Robotics World Conference for Inspection & Maintenance Robotics is the leading global event for robotics for Inspection, maintenance, and Cleaning. This two-day event offers a distinctive chance to gain insights from global speakers, connect with industry experts, join the SPRINT Robotics Conference Banquet, and attend the renowned annual SPRINT Robotics Awards ceremonies. 

You can embark on a journey into the future and witness developments in Inspection, maintenance, and cleaning robotics presented by global service and technology providers. The vibrant host city of Antwerp, Belgium, is a centrally positioned and extensively connected European hub that plays a pivotal role in industrial innovation.

The World Conference serves as the focal point for the inspection and maintenance robotics industry. International corporations, esteemed experts, and a distinguished audience collectively provided crucial insights for the industry’s future.

About Sprint Robotics

Founded in 2015, SPRINT Robotics was launched by several large asset owners from the energy industry to encourage the worldwide use of robotics for inspection, cleaning and maintenance. SPRINT Robotics is a not-for-profit organization and has become an internationally recognized platform for I&M Robotics with a support base of more than 120 organizations globally.

The SPRINT Robotics vision is to achieve field use of robotics for Inspection & Maintenance (I&M) of capital-intensive infrastructure assets on a large scale to address immediate needs and long-term industry priorities. Rapid progress can only be achieved through the alignment of the whole value chain. We connect end users with service and technology providers, creating the engine for acceleration in the realization of our vision. Our starting point is the value Robotics for I&M can deliver to end-user organizations. 

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