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Zatist, s.r.o.

A leader for identifying material defects using the whirlive current method.

Czech Republic

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The technical equipment of the company makes it possible to carry out data collection and analysis activities using the ET method, welding and locksmith work, to carry out visual and penetration inspections at the second stage during control downtime at various nuclear, thermal, steam-gas power plants, also in petrochemical enterprises, engineering companies (during production or before the whole is put into operation) even in cooperation with internal and external personnel.

Bobbin probes are used for data collection, together with special probe techniques (X-probe) and rotary probes (MRPC) when checking heat exchanger pipes.

To achieve the best possible result in the identification of corrosions and defects are used for the preparation of the NDT report, state-of-the-art technical means from global NDT leaders for ET methods are used

Liability insurance

Our company has liability insurance in the scope of Art. II. insurance contract No. 0024205915. Insurance covers the statutory obligation of the insured person to compensate the injured party for the damage specified in the insurance contract and insurance conditions, if the insured person has incurred an obligation to compensate them in connection with activities: Testing, measurement, analysis and control; Surface treatment and welding of metals and other materials; Manufacture of metal structures and metal-making products; Services in the field of administrative administration and organisational economic nature; Locksmiths, toolmaking listed in the extract from the Commercial Register or in connection with the relationships arising from these activities and in connection with a defect in the product which has been placed on the market or a defect in the work provided which becomes apparent after its transmission.

Products & Services
Data collection from heat exchangers

Data collection from heat exchangers is carried out during the revision, either before the installation of new heat exchangers or during revision downtime. Collection is carried out for the ET method on an agreed quantity of exchanger pipes with qualified personnel, who are trained to focus on detecting damage to the wall thickness of the pipe. Bobbin probes are used for collection, along with special probe techniques (X-probe) and rotary probes (MRPC).

Analysis of data by swirling currents

Analysis of different types of pipes of heat exchangers and steam exchangers is carried out by a specialized team of analysts who have many years of experience. The analysis itself is performed on software from ZETEC or Eddyfi. After evaluation, a report is published for clients on the status of the measured component, which serves as a basis for further decisions about the extent of repairs made.

Welding and locksmiths

Welding and locksmiths is carried out in the repair of various structures, pipes or other technological equipment, or components (blinding of small diameter pipes) by qualified personnel according to EN ISO 9606-1 141/111/135, EN ISO 96036-2 141 and in nuclear power plants as well as according to the special standard NDT A.S.I. Section I. We are able to provide repairs and work performance even in difficult environments in special work suits.

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