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Xcel Inspection Solutions Ltd

Xcel Inspection seeks to be a reference in technology and stand out for the quality in the execution of its work and the satisfaction of its clients with the equipment and solutions offered.

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Xcel Inspection Solutions promotes new asset inspection technologies (oil and gas, energy, mining, civil infrastructure) that are used to prevent risks and operate an efficient business, preserving the environment. Xcel Inspection Solutions also promotes the development of good practices for the optimal use of these technologies. In addition, it offers advice and training in this discipline to industry professionals. Xcel Inspection seeks to be a reference in technology and stand out for the quality in the execution of its work and the satisfaction of its clients with the equipment and solutions offered. Xcel Inspection is committed to the comprehensive development of its human capital, safety, health and environmental protection.

Products & Services
Drone Inspections in Confined Spaces

This new development in remote flight technology allows the inspection of confined spaces in a simple, effective way and with complete control of all possible variables during flight. Flying a drone in a confined space requires very particular technical specifications. Features such as stabilization, active surface tracking and lighting, among others, are essential to carry out a high-quality remote inspection.

Avoiding collisions during flight is important, but unrealistic in a confined environment. STEREO2 incorporates external protection that allows it to collide with surfaces or obstacles without posing a danger to the drone.

Its small diameter, less than 40 cm, makes its flight extremely agile. STEREO2 can enter confined spaces through manholes or manholes with great ease, it is even capable of flying inside pipes. Stabilization is a critical aspect during flight. STEREO2 incorporates optical stabilization, allowing it to fly even without a GPS signal, showing them in real-time to the pilot and recording their movements for later 3D reconstruction.

Darkness is common in confined spaces. Having a lighting system specially prepared for this condition is of vital importance. STEREO2 incorporates a powerful and uniform lighting system of 12,000 lumens, provided by 6 LED panels. 4 of them provide uniform lighting on the front of the drone and 2 follow the movement of the camera automatically, ensuring the best possible lighting, even in inspections carried out in total darkness.

STEREO2 has an operating mode specially developed to optimize visibility in conditions of dust or vapour in suspension. In addition, it has a passive ventilation system, with large openings that allow quick cleaning, only with dry air.

The better the definition of the drone's video images, the better the pilot's ability to understand the hostile environments in which they fly. STEREO2 can take photos and videos in 4K@1080p in real-time.

Remote inspections with remotely commanded amphibious vehicle

Roview 2 is an amphibious vehicle controlled by radio frequency that allows visual inspection of large spaces, such as cameras in mines, sewers and even pipes from their internal part.

Its powerful 8000 lumens illumination allows you to take images and videos in 4K (30FPS), showing 1080p video in real-time, even in total darkness.

It has 4 powerful motors, one in each of its wheels, which allows it to travel through difficult places, even if there is the presence of water or some other liquid medium.

Its small size makes it extremely agile in any type of environment. Roview is 37 cm long, only 30 cm wide and 31 cm high. It is also a lightweight device, weighing just 4 kg. Its weight/tire surface ratio allows it to cross all types of deposits.

It is capable of moving forward or in reverse up to an inclination of 60°, and sideways with an inclination of 45°.

AMC Magnetic Induction

The MRT (Magneto-inductive Rope Testing) inspection technique is a non-destructive magnetic method that does not require contact. Designed specifically for the inspection of ferromagnetic cables, it is capable of detecting worn, cut (fatigue), heat-damaged, stretched and even corroded components.

These components are normally inspected visually and only for their external part, evaluating mechanical damage or wear. However, this task is ineffective because there is no certainty about the internal state of the cables. Additionally, the lubrication of these materials makes visual inspection difficult and many times this cannot be carried out because the cables are suspended, as may be the case with cable cars or the tensioners of vertical structures.

The cable is magnetically saturated, when a local defect appears, this magnetic field escapes from the part. The amount of magnetic flux and the path it travels are particular to the characteristics of the damage.

These distortions in the magnetic field are translated by the equipment itself into voltage differences, and graphed as a function of time and/or space, for informed interpretation.

There is a huge variety of equipment, designed specifically for each industry. From the lifting of suspended loads, cable cars, elevators and even in the maritime industry, AMC equipment applies to all sectors. Custom development is even possible if required.

If the application requires it, permanent monitoring is also possible. Continuous monitoring of critical elements prevents interruptions in the production process, thus avoiding loss of time and money.

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