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Westerton Access

Westerton Access provide specialist inspection, maintenance and integrity services to the energy market.


United Kingdom

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Westerton Access provide specialist inspection, maintenance and integrity services to the energy market. Westerton Access brings together an experienced management team who are dedicated to providing a quality and client-driven service. Westerton Access create innovative solutions and services by ensuring the focus is on delivering excellence with the least disruption to client operations.

Our services include:

Full ROV UWILD & SPS Services

Including weld testing NDT by observation class ROV, as well as cleaning, UT and visual inspections. Ensuring all rig types including Jack-ups and Semi-subs can remain in full offshore operation, with no downtime experienced while the survey is completed.

Specialist NDT Services

Including using Eddy current to inspect cast and forged metal items without the requirement for paint or coating removal. Westerton access also provides a range of other NDT services such as MPI, Phased Array, UT, Dye Pen etc.

At Westerton Access we pride ourselves on employing a highly effective workforce with specialist skills and experience. We believe that the people working for Westerton Access are our most valuable asset. Their commitment, professionalism, experience and support help us provide quality and high performance throughout all our services.

Products & Services

Using specially designed NDT equipment, Westerton Access was the first company to complete full UWILD/SPS work by ROV on a jack-up rig offshore during regular drilling operations, without requiring any out-of-service time.

All cleaning and inspections are completed by a small ROV launched directly from the asset without the need for any vessel or diving support. Examples of some of our core capabilities are below.


  • Can to chord Connection Inspection and Eddy Current NDT
  • Bracing to chord Connections Inspection and Eddy Current NDT
  • Internal Spud Can Inspections
  • External Underside Spud Can Inspections
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging


  • Pontoon to Column Connections Inspection and Eddy Current NDT
  • Bracing to Column Connections Inspection and Eddy Current NDT
  • Hull & Hull Attachments Inspection and Eddy Current NDT
  • Seachests Inspections
  • Valves Inspections
  • Tanks Inspections
  • Thruster Inspections


  • Hull inspections
  • Seachest cleaning and inspection
  • Moonpool structural inspections
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging
  • Valve isolation and inspection
Rope Access and NDT

Our range of NDT inspection services uses techniques to ensure all our inspections deliver the greatest value to our clients while minimising the impact on rig operations.

Rope Access and NDT

  • Eddy Current of Cast & Forged Metal (requires no paint or coating removal). This can be Loadpath inspection equipment, Drill Handling Tools and Crane Hooks.
  • Phased Array
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Ultrasonic Inspection
  • Dye Penetrant Inspection
  • Equipment Installation and Commissioning
  • Fabric Maintenance
ROV Inspection Services

Westerton Access also provide a range of ROV services which can be conducted on fixed offshore platforms, structures, vessels, wind turbines or other applicable mobile assets.

Including the following:

  • Scour Surveys
  • Flooded Member Detection
  • Cathodic Protection Surveys
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging surveys
  • Eddy Current Inspections of Structural Welds
  • Riser Inspections
  • Structure Cleaning
  • Seabed Surveys & Mapping
  • Videography & Photo Realistic Cloud of Points
  • Chain Measuring
  • Drilling Support
  • Intervention and retrieval

These services can be completed by deploying the small ROV directly from the asset, or via a vessel.

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