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Werkstoff Service GmbH

Werkstoff Service GmbH NDT competent body (DIN 27201-7) operates in the field of non-destructive testing for the railway sector.



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Werkstoff Service GmbH accredited inspection body (ISO/IEC 17020) offers failure analysis, expert activities and evaluations of materials, products and processes.

Werkstoff Service GmbH accredited laboratory (ISO/IEC 17025) specialises in materials and components testing and offers consulting around materials.

Werkstoff Service GmbH NDT competent body (DIN 27201-7) operates in the field of non-destructive testing for the railway sector.

Werkstoff Service GmbH certified training centre (ISO 9001) offers qualifications for non-destructive testing, materials testing, heat treatment and materials engineering.

Werkstoff Service GmbH are an approved training facility of the German Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ISO 9712, DGZfP).

Products & Services

Looking for further training or further education (including individual courses), qualification or retraining in the field of materials technology, heat treatment, materials testing, destructive (ZP) and non-destructive testing (NDT) on metals?

The experts at Werkstoff Training Centre will be happy to support you with further professional training and professional reorientation.

Werkstoff Service GmbH training centre offers the following training, further education and retraining :

  • WS Spezial – materials technology seminars for specialists and managers
  • Further training courses in materials technology and materials testing
  • Retraining and qualification for professional reorientation
  • Qualification measures for vocational rehabilitation 
  • NDT recertifications in the ET, MT, PT, VT, RT and UT procedures
  • NDT Level 3 Basic Course BC - Module 1  

Werkstoff Service GmbH's recognitions and certifications ensure the highest quality of its training and further education:

  • Certification of its training centre according to ISO 9001
  • Certification of providers and measures according to AZAV (courses eligible for funding with an educational voucher)
  • Recognition as a DGZfP training centre for non-destructive testing (NDT, ISO 9712)
  • Recognition as a training centre for qualification for specialist knowledge in radiation protection
Non-destructive testing (NDT) of materials and components

The certified testers and test supervisors of the accredited test laboratory (ISO/IEC 17025) of its material test centre support you with various NDT test procedures.

Werkstoff Service GmbH offers the following services in the area of ​​NDT, among others:  

  • Ultrasonic testing UT (flaw checking, layer thickness measurement, wall thickness measurement)
  • Ultrasonic testing phased array (UT-PA)
  • Magnetic particle testing MT (flaw testing, surface crack testing)
  • Dye penetrant testing PT (flaw testing, surface crack testing)
  • Eddy current testing ET (flaw testing, layer thickness measurement, wall thickness measurement, conductivity measurement)  
  • Visual inspection VT (general visual inspection, visual inspection, endoscopy)  
  • NDT Level 3 inspection inspections  
  • Roughness measurements – in the laboratory and mobile 
  • Internal stress measurement on metallic components ( using UT )
  • ET testing of steam sterilizers
Competence center for non-destructive testing (NDT)

The services of Werkstoff Service GmbH NDT competence center include: 

  • Non-destructive testing on a railway wheel
  • Recognition of NDT processes in maintenance workshops
  • NDT test instructions
  • Level 3 inspections for the railway sector
  • NDT audits and process analyses
  • Internal training and monitoring of testing personnel
  • Production and characterization of reference bodies for NDT
  • Damage analyses and special investigations
  • Support in the procurement and implementation of NDT testing technology
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