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Vrana GmbH - NDE Consulting and Solutions

We are your international network of highly skilled NDE professionals and your resource for all your "high-end" questions regarding Nondestructive Evaluation including NDE 4.0, Reliability, Probabilistic, Method Selection, IT, R&D, Standardization, Engineering, QM, QA.

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Vrana GmbH specialized in the "high end" questions regarding NDE and stands for top quality independent consulting and support for R&D and software solutions.
We are your international network of high skilled NDE professionals and your resource for all your questions regarding Non-Destructive Evaluation.

Vrana GmbH offers as an integrated whole well-founded testing experience with up-to-date scientific and IT background.

Your benefit: Consulting at its best for the optimal solution to your problems.

Your Experts for all NDE Questions:
Testability, Reliability, Probabilistics, Method Selection, and Optimization IT, R&D, Standardization, Engineering, Quality Management, Quality Assurance NDE 4.0, Ultrasonics, Thermography, Eddy Current, X-Ray, ...

Globally: Germany, US, Europe, Americas, Asia ..

Products & Services
NDE Research & Development
  • Project Lead and Support for
    • Research & Development
    • Digitization, Digitalization, Digital Transformation, and NDE 4.0
    • Probabilistics, reliability, and probability of detection (POD)
    • Creation and harmonization of specifications, procedures and other documents
  • Independent survey reports and root cause analyses
NDE Systems
  • Assistance during procurement of NDE systems
    • Selection and validation of fitting inspection methods and techniques
    • Creation of requirement specifications
    • Qualification and commissioning of NDE equipment and automated systems
  • Qualification of the nondestructive testing at your suppliers
NDE Software Solutions
  • Planning, project development and implementation of
    • Smart/Big data analysis tools
    • Algorithms for data analysis and data reconstruction
    • Simulation tools
    • Software for NDE systems
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