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Our team of business analysts, consultants, software, and mechanical engineers understand the challenges faced by the process industries today. Our precursor knowledge in Mechanical Integrity has given us the know-how necessary to develop complex but effective analytical solutions, ....

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How we came to be

Ten years ago, VisualAIM's consultants, engineers, and inspection specialists brought hundreds of years of experience developing and delivering a next-generation, cloud-based API 581 and API 581 risk-based inspection software. A key differentiator of the technology was the ability to visualize not only the inherent analytics of the RBI software but all fixed, rotating, instrumentation, and electrical asset data from the familiar environment of the owner-operator's P&IDs, PFDs, and Isometric Drawings. The only problem was that brownfield drawings had to be redrawn in the VisualAIM ecosystem, making the process very time-consuming. Little did we know this would change soon. 

​During one of our implementation projects, we needed a faster and more accurate way to create a master equipment list from P&IDs without going through a manual process. We wanted a solution capable of creating an asset register of ALL components on the drawings. The solution we found allowed us not only to generate a direct asset register from drawings but also to solve the redraw time problem of the RBI software. This resulted in a new and innovative product: The Intelligent Drawing Platform or IDP.


Our purpose

Major technology initiatives, like Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), have failed because they ignore the people who need the information the most: plant engineers, maintenance, operators, and inspection personnel. The people that run the plant. The IDP creates situational awareness enabling plant personnel to visualize, contextualize and analyze data from within the familiar environment of their plant drawings.  The IDP transforms any of your plant drawings into intelligent drawings in a matter of seconds, providing immediate efficiency gains and setting the stage for maximizing your digital innovation potential through connection to external applications.

This disruptive ability of the IDP gives purpose to our mission. With some 1.2 million brownfield P&IDs across the global refining community, VisualAIM wants to transform most of these within the next 18 months digitally. At 4.3 seconds per drawing, this is definitely an achievable goal. And we will achieve it through our partner network and direct selling, where we have penetrated 5% of the total available market to date.


Who we are

Our team of business analysts, consultants, and software and mechanical engineers understand the challenges faced by the process industries today. Our precursor knowledge in Mechanical Integrity has given us the know-how necessary to develop complex but effective analytical solutions with people as our central focus. Our people, like our clients, are both inspired and inspiring.

We inspire with awe, and we like being awed. You can see it and hear it! Someone sees something and literally falls back in their chair, appearing filled with wonder, awestruck, amazed, astonished, lost for words, open-mouthed, almost reverential. Now that's really something. And we’ve seen it over and over again. And in every case, questions arise. Questions like,
"Can you show me that again?"
"Was that really the software or animation by PowerPoint?"
"Who are these people?"

They are people like us, our clients, our partners. They are innovation leaders, plant managers, venture managers, corporate executives, operations, and maintenance personnel. People want to enable the human element to do more because "ten years ago, we had fifteen people managing our assets. Today, we have two."

You see, we believe that visualization can be a singular focus for improving plant-wide reliability. Why? Because our disruptive technology enables the human factor on the plant floor. In weeks, we are digitally transforming major refineries, global terminal operations, and chemical manufacturing sites.

If you would like to know more, let us know today!
Products & Services
Intelligent Drawing Platform

At 4.3 seconds per drawing, the Intelligent Drawing Platform takes your plant to the digital space quickly and effectively. By intelligizing the familiar drawings that plant personnel use on a daily basis, the platform transforms into a collaborative environment that immediately makes your operations more efficient.

Data Consulting

VisualAIM offers specialized Data Consulting services to help the Brownfield in every step of the digital transformation journey.


The very first step in any technological transformation is to go from physical to digital. We offer services to scan, organize, and store digital records of your physical documents on local drives or the cloud. Take it one step further and extract targeted data from your documents using Optical Character Recognition technology to obtain the most insight from your physical records.

Data Consensus

In the age of digital transformation, it’ s all about data consolidation. From simple gap analyses to data lake mergers, VisualAIM provides services to run checks across P&IDs, instrument lists, electrical schematics, spec sheets, spreadsheets, and databases to verify data consistency and validity across Process, Design, and Engineering disciplines.

Mechanical Integrity Suite

The Mechanical Integrity Suite meets all your needs for fixed equipment inspection management. Regardless if you want to manage your assets in a time-basis or if you want to have a fully integrated IDMS with a Risk Assessment tool, VisualAIM has the flexibility to keep your maintenance activities in check. Utilize our Intelligent Drawing Platform in conjunction with the Mechanical Integrity Suite to visualize risk and inspection data directly on your plant drawings.

Risk Analysis

Prioritize your inspection activities to tackle your most mission-critical assets with our risk analysis tools.

Inspection Work Planning

Have full control and consistency of your inspection strategies throughout your facilities with our inspection work planning capabilities.

Inspection Data Management System

Centralize your inspection tracking and risk tool with our Inspection Data Management System


Take your tablet to the field and streamline your inspection activities with our mobile apps. Perform work internet-free and sync to the database once connected back to wifi.

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