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Utex Scientific Instruments

UTEX develops software, instrumentation and mechanical systems for builders and users of advanced nondestructive testing systems.



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Supporting choice, flexibility and automation for nondestructive testing

UTEX develops software, instrumentation and mechanical systems for builders and users of advanced nondestructive testing systems. We serve clients in all sectors of the NDT community including aerospace, power generation, oil and gas, and transport. We also serve the leading producers in the metals, composites, food, and plastics manufacturing industries.

We believe that NDT should be an integrated part of manufacturing, not a separate process. We also believe in using automation to liberate people from tedious and repetitive activities, so that they can focus on moreimportant work.

UTEX is unique in the field of NDT because we have developed a software platform that enables NDT operators, engineers and systems builders to work together to deliver the best possible NDT systems. InspectionWare enables NDT engineers and operators to specify exactly what they need to serve their process, including user interfaces that intuitively follow their work flow, and easy automation for tedious setups and system readiness checks. Instrument manufacturers and automation engineers finally have an NDT engineering platform that enables them to work together. InspectionWare integrates the semi-automated subsystems of instruments, motion control, data management and factory networking. UTEX is devoted to simplifying the job of selecting the best equipment for your NDT process and making it work together seamlessly.

Together with our systems integration partners, we deliver sophisticated NDT systems, on-line process control systems, and materials characterization systems of all types.

Products & Services

The UT340 is the world’s only 1 to 150MHz square wave pulser receiver system. A square wave pulser generates more than twice the acoustic output when compared to a spike pulser. This improves the relative signal to noise ratio (SNR) by approximately 6 to 15 dB.

The benefit is better detection of small reflectors in very challenging materials while simultaneously increasing material penetration. This benefit is achieved by combining the increased acoustic output mentioned above with the very low noise amplifiers of the UT340.

No one has yet duplicated this level of performance, making the UT340 an industry standard reference instrument for the past 25 years.

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