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UniWest is a leader in Eddy Current and Ultrasonic Testing applications, engineering, and product development. Our customers’ problems — and our ability to solve them — are what set us apart from our competition.

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UniWest is a leader in Eddy Current and Ultrasonic Testing applications, engineering, and product development. Our customers’ problems — and our ability to solve them — are what set us apart from our competition.

UniWest provides critical solutions and products for complex inspection problems. Our team of engineers listen and learn about the challenges you face, then researches, tests and determines the right solution for your specific inspection demands. We work with you to implement these solutions with the right product in place so you can move forward quickly and confidently.

We provide reliable, robust, nondestructive testing (NDT) instruments and systems for manufacturers, research and development laboratories, and for use in the field. We serve diverse industries that include Power Generation, Aerospace, Automotive, Primary Metals, Heavy Manufacturing and other markets.
Products & Services
Eddy Current Flaw Detectors

UniWest provides critical solutions for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT). We design and manufacture a variety of Eddy Current Instruments for a broad spectrum of Eddy Current flaw detection applications.

Let UniWest solve quality verification problems in your production environment with nondestructive testing (NDT) equipment. We build and customize eddy current and NDT instrumentation for use in engines, air-frame, bar, tube, wire, and component testing. We can provide a turnkey approach to your online systems integration needs, providing the entire signal path from the probe to instrumentation to computer or controller. UniWest’s nondestructive testing equipment is designed to fit seamlessly into your production process and meet your quality verification needs.

EVi  ECT / ECA Eddy Current Flaw Detector

EVi is UniWest's most technically advanced and operator-friendly portable Eddy Current Testing (ECT) / Eddy Current Array (ECA) system ever offered.

The EVi works directly with the EddyView family of probes and accessories, as well as eddy current array (ECA) probes up to 64 elements (128 elements with external multiplexer). UniWest’s unmatched selection of standard and advanced display features set a new standard for flexibility of applications, ease of use, interpretation of data and overall operator accuracy.

EddyView® II  ECT / ECA Eddy Current Flaw Detector

EddyView II is UniWest's latest advanced, user-friendly, portable Eddy Current Testing (ECT)  / Eddy Current Array (ECA) instrument.


  • Touchscreen display with touch-gesture adjustments
  • Industry-leading signal quality (signal-to-noise)
  • Independent channel monitors probe to part coupling
  • Multi-frequency
  • Conventional or array probes up to 32 coils
  • Compatible with ECS-1, ECS-4, and JF-15 rotating scanners
  • Conductivity and non-conductive coating thickness
  • Multiple display modes including impedance plane, C-scan, O-scope, and strip chart
  • Exportable data for post-processing flexibility
  • Lock screen & Freeze screen modes
  • Basic setup with Smart Probes

US-525M Multi-Channel Eddy Current Flaw Detector

The US-525M multi-channel eddy current testing instrument is a rugged industrial rack-mounted instrument offering multi-channel testing, integral digital strip chart, as well as Ethernet control and data transfer to meet your in process testing requirements. This instrument offers up to eight channels, with a frequency range of 10 Hz to 10 MHz, a high signal-to-noise ratio, a bright 12-inch diagonal color LCD flat-panel screen, and data storage of 32 Gig. It offers input/output (I/O) capability, USB and Ethernet connectivity, as well as three discrete alarm gates with independent outputs per channel. for your on-line bar, tube, wire and specialty component testing needs.

Rotating Eddy Current Scanners

UniWest designs and manufactures multiple Rotating Eddy Current Scanners to meet a large variety of standard & custom applications.
With a wide range of features such as speed ranges from 125 to 3,000 rpm, frequency ranges from 20 kHz to 10 MHz, multiple connector types, and multiple probe types, our scanners offer a full range of application solutions.

Eddy Current Probes & Ultrasonic Transducers

Having the right tool for the job is vital, especially when you’re ensuring materials and equipment are intact. Eddy current and other NDT probes at UniWest allow you to perform surface, subsurface, and other tests with confidence. We develop and build our own general and NDT inspection probes, which ensures the highest-quality product. You will find that many of our NDT probes are available in various working lengths with customizable tips, angles, and drops. Our NDT inspection probes for sale are listed below. If you have questions regarding any general probe or custom work, please reach out to our team. Our team will help you find or develop surface probes designed to test airframes or other structures.

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