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United Dynamics Corporation, Inc.

United Dynamics Corporation, Inc. is the inspection company that sees the power in going further.


United States

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Combining decades of experience with unbiased data analysis United Dynamics Corporation, Inc. provides incomparable inspection services internationally. In the U.S., UDC is the provider of choice for 6 of the top 10 power producers, providing optimal inspection services designed to mitigate risk and financial loss.

Products & Services
NDE Services

UDC offers Nondestructive Examination (NDE) techniques essential for the safety, reliability, and improved availability of all boilers. UDC provides an uncompromised level of expertise and services by ensuring our field representatives receive specific NDE training and are certified by ASNT SNT-TC-1A. Detect header ligament cracking, calculate the lifespan of your boiler, identify potential defects, and more, with our NDE specialists.

Boiler Inspection

As our core business, UDC-certified representatives inspect a variety of boiler makes and models worldwide. The highest industry standards and best practices are combined with quantitative analysis to provide unparalleled inspection services, with 80 to 100 annual inspections within the U.S. alone. Along with unique in-the-field experience, our representatives undergo yearly educational training essential to maintaining unsurpassed visual boiler inspection services.

Drone Inspection

Save time and money with SafeFlight™, the Aero Drone Division of UDC. Drones offer inspection of confined  or hard-to-reach indoor and outdoor spaces without the time-consuming practices, such as scaffolding, deslagging, or LOTOs required  of traditional inspection.

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