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The company was born from the idea of producing and selling an innovative electronic device for measuring parts during the grinding process.

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The company was founded in Bologna in 1952 by Ing. Mario Possati (1922-1990).

The company was born from the idea of producing and selling an innovative electronic device for measuring parts during the grinding process.

On the one hand the electronics allowed much higher performance than existing products, on the other hand it was a very young technology never used in a workshop environment.

It took several years of studies and tests to ensure the overall reliability required by the market, but once this goal was achieved the product established an ever-increasing success.

In the early sixties, together with the consolidation of the commercial presence, Marposs had acquired a structural strength that allowed to look with confidence to future developments.

In those years Italy was, as nowadays, an important exporter of machine tools, this gave the obligation to ensure technical support and after-sales assistance in the typical courtiers outlets of the Italian machine tool.

This led to the creation of the group's first subsidiaries in Switzerland (1961), Germany (1962) and the United States (1963). In 1970, after 18 years of activity, the Marposs company opened a new branch in Japan: this choice was the beginning of penetration into the Asian market. Even today, Germany, Japan and the United States, together with China, are the most important markets of Marposs.

Marposs today is present with its company for sales and technical assistance in 23 countries with 79 offices; in the other countries there are 9 dedicated networks of agents and distributors.

Since 2000 Marposs has started a program of acquisition of solid and well-structured companies, each of which can provide the highest quality product in its sector.

Overall, the Marposs Group is now able to offer a full range of products and systems for quality control in the production environment.

The group today has over 2500 direct employees. About 1040 work at the headquarters and in other Italian locations, 550 in the rest of Europe, 250 in America and 660 in Asia.

Market About 94% of the Group's production is destined for export, mainly, but not only, to countries with a solid technological tradition.

The main customers are:

  •  manufacturers of machine tools;
  • Automotive industries and their subcontractors (to measure engine, transmission, injection, bodywork, glass components);
  • Aerospace industry;
  • Bearings, glass, electric motors;
  • ndustry for durable goods (refrigerators and air conditioning units);
  • Pharmaceutical and medical industry.

Mission Marposs pays great attention to customer satisfaction, using relevant economic and human resources in order to offer innovative products of the highest quality.

Marposs invests about 10% of its turnover in research and development and participates with various partners in international research programs.

The use of new technologies and the constant development of the product are fundamental to allow Marposs to maintain its technological leadership in its operating sectors.

Marposs' mission is to provide quality control systems for use in the workshop, during the work operations of the components and during the assembly and final testing of the same.

Following the line drawn by the founder, Marposs applies the following principles:

  •  being wherever the customer works to give the best
  • support at the time of sales and after-sales
  • produce the most suitable solutions and continuously invest in research and development
  • strive to improve customer satisfaction, as a measure of the quality of the work done.

Such principles are the basis of past success, and thanks to them the company will grow and flourish in the future.

Products & Services

PX1 the highest resolution in RX scanning, with direct image display and transfer via bluetooth and wi fi. 4G LTE connection to transfer images remotely.

  • Highest safety standards for trouble-free manual use of human-damaging emissions
  • Front LED light for a night vision of the area to be controlled
  • Front laser to locate the scanning area
  • 7" Touch screen monitor
  • Weight 3,2Kg
  • Battery life 6 hours.
Eddy Current


Instrumentation and accessories for aeronautical and civil sectors


Instrumentation and probes for internal pipe control


Special control instrumentation with Array probes up to 128CH

CMS Control Mesure Systems

Instrumentation and accessories for in-line and off-line controls, bars, tubes and wire

Eddy Current UNT Probes

Instrumentation and accessories for in-line and off-line controls, bars, tubes and wire



PA instrumentation and probes

Accessories - Automated trolleys


Conventional UT Instrumentation


Thickness gauges and accessories

CMS Control Mesure Systems

Ultrasonic Instrumentation and Accessories for Inline and Off-Line Controls


Conventional UT instrumentation, probes, cables and sample blocks

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