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TWN Technology

Established in 2001 as NDT and material testing equipment sales company, through the years of productive work we developed strong partnership with the most world's manufacturers.


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Established in 2001 as NDT and material testing equipment sales company, we developed strong partnerships with most world's manufacturers through years of productive work.

In 2017, with extensive experience and knowledge in the field of NDT and material testing, we launched our manufacturing department. Today we are a manufacturer specialising in digital radiography equipment. Comprehensive solutions for your most demanding applications.

Possession of advanced inspection technologies is a necessary and mandatory condition for maintaining a leading position in any industry. 

Products & Services

Turnkey solution for reliable digital X-ray

The Novoscan digital radiography system based on state-of-the-art flexible detectors is the best solution for reliable digital radiography, designed for the most reliable nondestructive testing.

The fastest and most accurate system on the market 

Eliminates X-ray film and chemistry from your workflow and chemistry. The complex is adapted to work in the field and in the factory, reliable and easy to use.

Technical Specifications

• Photodiode array technology: TFT based on a-Si

• (amorphous silicon)

• Scintillator type: GadOx (Gd2O2S) - gadolinium


• Pixel size, µm: 140

• ADC bit depth, bits: 16

• Detector body size, mm: 550x158x28

• The size of an active zone of the detector, mm: 107х358

• Resolution: 768x2560

• Weight, kg: 2.3

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