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It is a member of a multinational company TÜV NORD GROUP, one of the most important certification authorities not only in Europe, but globally.



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TÜV NORD Czech is a recognized and reliable partner for inspection and certification services.

It is a member of a multinational company TÜV NORD GROUP, one of the most important certification authorities not only in Europe, but globally. TÜV NORD GROUP operates in more than 70 countries worldwide and with more than 10,000 employees offers not only a stable and independent customer care, but also the competence in various industries.

In the Czech Republic, the company focuses on the system certifications and certifications of products and personnel, technical expertise and inspections of material up to technological units in various industries, also on the certification of suppliers and technology and environmental impact assessment (especially in the area of greenhouse gases).

In addition to these activities, TÜV NORD Czech also operates vehicle inspection stations in Prague and Karlovy Vary (Bohatice and Sadov), NDT testing laboratory in Hradec Králové and accredited testing laboratories in Brno.

Products & Services
NDT - services

For NDT we offer non-destructive testing in our own NDT Testing Laboratory, NDT technical assistance, NDT inspection and qualification of NDT personnel.

NDT testing

All types of non-destructive testing according to EN ISO 9712 (RT, UT, MT, PT, VT) and SNT-TC-1A (ASNT) - ASME CODE Section I, Section V and Section VIII are being offered since August 2016 in the premises of ZVU (Za škodovkou 370, Hradec Králové), where a regional head office of TÜV NORD Czech is currently situated.

Aforementioned tests, together with the evaluation, can be carried out in our testing laboratory in Brno (where the accredited testing laboratories Brno are located, and where mechanical and metallographic tests or chemical analysis can be carried out subsequently), or directly at customer premises.

All tests and supervisions are guaranteed by the personnel with the highest achievable NDT Level III qualification.

NDT technical assistance & inspection

Our experts are ready to provide the "External Level III" service for the purpose of:

  • Instruction & procedure assessment
  • Decision on non-conformities and uncertainties
  • Determining the use of individual methods
  • Implementation and validation of new methods and procedures
  • Other most demanding professional activities in the field of NDT
Testing Laboratories

Laboratories and Testing Laboratories Brno

Laboratories and Testing Laboratories Brno, TÜV NORD Czech, s.r.o. conduct:

  • Mechanical testing of metals and welds of plastics
  • Metallographic evaluation of metals and welds of plastics
  • Chemical analyses of metals and other materials

Laboratories and Testing Laboratories Brno are accredited according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by the Czech Accreditation Institute, o.p.s. (accredited testing laboratory No. 1060). Certificate of Accreditation No. 382/2022 is valid until August 1, 2027.

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