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Tru-Tec NDT

Tru-Tec NDT provides services for the professional application of traditional and advanced Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Methods and Techniques, resulting in Code compliant inspections.


United Kingdom

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  • Engineers monitored by regular inspection reviews as required by the certification Bodies for conformation of Competence ensuring only suitably qualified and experienced personnel are employed for in process inspections, final inspections and in service inspections.
  • Controlled by a technical department and incorporating all industry sectors for forged, cast and welded products, complementary surface & volumetric inspection methods are utilised to develop the most appropriate and bespoke techniques.
  • A customer base spanning a variety of sectors which includes Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Automotive, MOD, general engineering and specialised sectors. Specialised equipment developed by Tru-Tec NDT has improved inspection times and reduced costs, International Standard revision updates are incorporated on a regular basis into Tru-Tec NDT inspection procedures and specific technique sheets.
  • Tru-Tec NDT operations are controlled from their Sheffield facility with specialised Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT) and Liquid Penetrant (PT) and Ultrasonic Testing (UT) areas, a 4.5 Ton crane, and 2.5 ton forklift, requested customer site inspections are managed to satisfy customer requirements.
Products & Services
Applications For ACFM

  • Cost effective surface examination of extensive areas and/with welded joints used for structures with non-conductive and conductive coatings.
  • Painted or Coated Structures, Cranes and associated Lifting Equipment, Bridges, Storage Tanks, Processing Plant and Equipment.
  • ≥ 5mm non-conductive coatings allows accurate inspection performance
  • ≥ 2mm conductive coatings allows accurate inspection performance
  • Theoretical models the magnetic field at a selected phase in order to determine discontinuity depth and length for evaluation.
  • Scans are recorded and can be reviewed remotely
  • Measures absolute quantities of surface magnetic fields produced, from an induced uniform magnetic field parallel to the surface of the plate.
  • Probe configuration results in a more efficient testing method.
Applications For Eddy Current Inspection (ET)

  • Easily transportable hand-held equipment
  • Method developed for the inspection of painted or coated structures, cranes and associated lifting equipment, bridges, storage tanks, processing plant and equipment.
  • Efficient and effect method of inspection for bar stock.
  • Changes in conductivity can be categorised to enable material sorting
  • ≥ 2mm conductive coatings allow for accurate inspection performance
  • Paint thickness measurements and conductivity measurements performed.
  • The net effect of ET is to cause a change in the impedance of the test coil, and to evaluate the interpretation of the change in impedance which is displayed on the instrument screen.
Applications For Liquid Penetrant Inspection (PT)
  • Surface Inspection for all non-porous material
  • Complementary to volumetric methods
  • Portable application with aerosol technique
  • Complex geometry’s easily examined
  • Applications all weld configurations including parent material, forgings and castings.
  • Fluorescent and colour contrast techniques
  • PT is a surface inspection method that uses the properties of capillary action on non-porous surfaces.
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