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TPAC (The Phased Array Company)

TPAC is based in North America, Europe and Asia to be as close as possible to its customers for better understanding and customer service. Our common technologies are Conventional Multi-channel, Phased array and FMC/TFM, Ultra-Fast TFM.

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With 25 years of experience and a team of field experience and application specialists, electronic engineers, physicists, and software developers, TPAC can guide your Ultrasonic Testing project from start to finish in addition to supporting TPAC unique wide portfolio of standard products. Whether you need help selecting the appropriate equipment, software, techniques, also probe design, custom software development, or anything in between, we have the expertise to streamline your R&D process and get you inspecting as quickly and economically as possible.

  • Real-Time Field Ready Adaptive TFM
  • TFM & Phased Array Software
  • Technique Development
  • Custom NDT Solutions
Products & Services

The most advanced ultimate phased array solution

The perfect instrument for your ultrasonic immersion tank or in-line inspection needs

The Explorer line offers the most compact, versatile, and advanced rugged Phased Array device on the market. With market-leading features that meet the requirements of your most demanding applications. Explorer is the logical choice for your phased array and/or TFM inspections, all while weighing only 1.2kg!


  • Phased Array with DDF and Zone focus
  • FMC/TFM, PWI and many more
  • Standard probe connector
  • Very Rugged: IP 65 and IP 68 Rated
  • Battery Kit in option


  • In-Line
  • On-Scanner
  • Field inspection
  • Immersion Tank
  • Gantry

The Widest Range of Market Applications

With its compact form factor, IP65 or IP68 rating and easy mounting capability, Explorer is perfect for integration in automated inspection systems, scanners or robots.

Solving your ultrasonic applications requires flexible solutions, adaptable to simple or complex demanding requirements. Whether you are using a manual inspection, a scanner, a robot with automation, or even if you are a researcher, Explorer’s cutting-edge advanced technology is suitable for any environment or setting.

Explorer provides the right tools for your application, whether you need a lot or just a few, with streamlined interfaces and comprehensive software solutions that can configure to any of your inspection application needs.

Software for Any Application

Having created friendly and efficient ultrasonic software for customers’ unique demands or standard packages, our skilled and experienced specialists know your needs and understand your specific requirements.

Our team are experts in:

  • Field software using scanners or specific tools
  • Acquisition software for various industries:
    • Concerto
    • Prelude
  • Laboratory software with complex imaging
    • ARIA
    • Or more simply (A-scan,B-scan, C-scan, D-scan, …) and specific algorithms
  • In-Line software for various industries:
    • Bar
    • Tubes
    • Plates

Flexible Platform Designed for Phased Array, Advanced PA, and FMC/TFM

Key Features

High Data Throughput100 MB/s (TCP/IP LAN)
Extremely large High BandwithFrom 50 kHz to 20 MHz
Number of Channels (configurations)Focusing from 16 to 128 ch
Scanning from 64 to 256 ch
Gain Range Dynamic12~110 dB
High PRF20 kHz
Operational distanceUp to 100 m between unit and the PC in standard

Flexible Platform Designed for Phased Array, Advanced PA, and FMC/TFM


Top of the line multi-channel UT

Pilot is a next generation multi-channel UT device. Its one-of-a-kind specifications make the Pilot capable to perform advanced ultrasound inspections. Pilot is unique in its capacity to meet the most demanding needs of various industries, from aeronautics (employing composite and honeycomb structures) to in-line, as well as TOFD and many other applications with stringent requirements.

Compact and powerful, this 8-channel full parallel, or up to 64 multiplexed, unit pushes the boundaries of the UT benchmark as it is more efficient than any other conventional UT system in the NDT market.

  • 8-Channel Full Parallel
  • Ultra-high dynamic
  • Ultra-high speed
  • Ultra compact

Pilot’s compactness and its IP rating ensures easy integration as close as possible to the probes. With its revolutionary design, Pilot has a digital dynamic range of 162 dB, unique in the NDT market. Combined with its high data throughput, acquisition is always reliable since all parameters are manageable in the software (afterwards in post-processing also). Pilot’s high voltage transmitters and the bipolar tone burst facilitate the inspection of thick, noisy, or complex materials such as sandwich, honeycomb or composite. Also, the ability of Pilot to perform air coupled applications enables new and exciting UT possibilities.

Flexible Platform Designed for Multi-Channel UT


  • Multi-Channel UT
  • On scanner ability
  • Rack for in-line
  • Rugged
  • IP 67
  • PoE option available


  • Aircraft Gantries
  • Scanner / Robot
  • Metallurgy gantries
  • In-Line
  • Immersion Tank
  • Field

Key Features

High Data Throughput:Up to 100 MB/s (LAN TCP/IP : Gb Ethernet)
Ultra large Bandwidth:From 10 kHz to 20 MHz
Number of Channels:8 parallel Channels
Receiver Dynamic:27 bits
Receiver Range:162dB acquired at once (no more analog gain)
Channel mode:Full parallel
High PRF:20 kHz
Pulser:Up to 400V ; Bipolar, burst & AWG optional add-ons
Designed for:IP 67


Top of the line stand-alone instrument for industry- AND labs

The Pioneer line comprises phased array, TFM and advanced TFM solutions, meeting the requirements of your most demanding needs. The Pioneer includes:

  • Extensive hardware possibilities: large channel counts, ultra-high speed (a few GB/s), flexible and scalable multi-technologies (in a Pioneer, you can get inclusive Phased Array, FMC/TFM, and single element probe multi-channels).
  • Extensive software possibilities: Standard as well as custom software for your specific application, using the technology that provides the best answers to your needs.
  • Fully open platform available for developers

Pioneer is designed to perform with any UT technology. Whether you responsible for a manufacturing process, a researcher, or developing an application, Pioneer provides cutting edge advanced technology for any setting.

Useful data throughput from 100 MB/s up to several GB/s.

Application Fields

The Pioneer line offers extensive possibilities for industries, application/R&D labs, and academia:

  • Industrial applications (In-Line, G/NG, ultra-fast, …)
  • Research on imaging techniques
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Oil & Gas
  • Concrete inspection
  • Material characterization
  • Non-linear acoustics
  • Guided waves
  • Air-coupled ultrasound

Unmatched Technical Versatility

  • Phased Array: linear, sectorial, parallel, DDF and zone focusing
  • Channel counts: from 16 up to 1024 parallel channels
  • Scanning / multiplexing from 16 to 128 ch or from 64 to 256. (Multiplexed ratio 1:2 up to 1:8)
  • General purpose advanced TFM end-user software ARIA
  • Real time adaptive techniques on complex shapes
  • New techniques such as nonlinear acoustics or Arbitrary Waveform Emission
  • Standard SDK with example source code (C++, C#, MATLAB, LabVIEW, etc)
  • High-level API with full FMC/TFM techniques, such as a multi-mode APWI and PWI to speed up your acquisition on complex shapes
  • TFM Toolbox (low-level TFM API Library, various algorithms and combinations)

Key Features

Ultra High Data Throughput:From 100 MB/s up to several GB/s (according to the model and chosen options)
Extremely High Bandwidth:From 50 kHz to 20 MHz (15 kHz possible in option)
Gain Range Dynamic:16~110 dB (14 bits digitizing)
High PRF:20 kHz (more in option)
Input/output:Up to 4 Encoders /pulse trig/sequence trig …
Probe type:Linear, matrix, DLA, DMA, annular, daisy, matrix, P&C matrix and custom PA probes
Extensive TFM Techniques:SAFT, TFM, Advanced TFM (PWI, XWI, DWI, CWI), Adaptive, multiple and simultaneous mode (L, LL, LLL, T, TT, TTT) 
Arbitrary Waveform Generation option:High Dynamic and high bandwidth

Product Range

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