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Total NDT

Total NDT is striving to become a leader in the nondestructive testing industry.


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Total NDT is striving to become a leader in the nondestructive testing industry. Total NDT is committed to providing reliable and repeatable high-quality work. Total is here to provide traditional and advanced methods of NDE. With Total you can expect experienced and well-trained technicians, 24-hour availability, quick reliable response, and fast turnaround on reports. By choosing Total NDT you are choosing top quality, excellent safety protocol, and integrity that last.

Products & Services
Basic NDE

Total NDT can provide you with all you need to get the job done. We provide the basic 5 methods needed from finding the small surface flaws all the way to subsurface weld defects. Give us a call and discuss the questions you may have and we will suggest the best method to fit your needs. 

Our Basic NDT includes:

  • Magnetic Particle - Dry, Wet Fluorescent, Wet Visible, and Coil 
  • Dye Penetrant - Fluorescent, Solvent, and Water Wash Color Contrast
  • Ultrasonics - Thickness, Straight Beam, and Shear wave
  • Radiography - Traditional Gamma
  • Visual - Visual and Boroscope
Advanced Services

Total NDT can provide you with advanced nondestructive services, which employ traditional NDT methods combined with specialized equipment and the latest tech.  

Our Advanced Services include:

  • Automated Ultrasonics - Tank Crawler, B-Scan, Corrosion Mapping
  • Eddy Current - Tubing and Surface
  • Phased Array 
  • Positive Material Identification (PMI)
  • Computed Radiography - Coming soon!!!!
Asset Integrity

Total NDT offers asset integrity services, specializing in piping, pressure vessels, storage tanks, and associated equipment to ensure the fitness for service of your equipment.

Our Asset Integrity Services include:

  • API - 510, 570, 653 Inspectors
  • CWI - Welder qualification, Procedure writing and qualification
  • Third Party Surveillance
  • NACE Coating
  • Hardness Testing - Brinnel and Rockwell
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