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Thornetix Pty Ltd

We focus on giving our customers products that are intuitive and powerful, not complex and cumbersome.

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At Thornetix, we bring together software, electronics and mechanics to deliver truly unique solutions. Our experience and products are with the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), maintenance and construction industries.

We are a dynamic team focused on quality and reliability. This gives us the ability to provide excellent value for money.

We focus on giving our customers intuitive and powerful products, not complex and cumbersome.

Starting from scratch, our products are based on the latest technology and a fresh outlook on user workflow.

We proudly announce ARTIO, the world’s first data-logging wireless ultrasonic inspection system for your smartphone.

ARTIO is the world's first and only data-logging wireless ultrasonic inspection system that runs directly from your smartphone.

ARTIO is made by technicians, for technicians. We, too, have spent hours hanging on ropes, crawling on scaffolds, hiking around tank farms and bent into the strangest of shapes to access tight spaces and perform our inspections.

We have designed this experience into ARTIO, taking away the frustration of getting cables caught on the scaffold, eaten up by rope descenders dropping probes and not having a free hand to move around platforms safely and easily.

With ARTIO, the game has changed, finally giving you the freedom to collect and report data comfortably and easily.

ARTIO, fast forward to the present.

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ARTIO; is an intelligent ultrasonic inspection system that runs wirelessly from your smartphone.

With ARTIO, you can perform thickness measurements and corrosion surveys right from your mobile device, taking readings easily and exporting them directly with zero fuss and maximum flexibility.

  • Simple to use
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Save hours of reporting time
  • Unparalleled freedom of movement
  • User-friendly, lightning-fast interface

ARTIO is powerful and fast.

ARTIO’s hardware and software are both feature-packed, but we’ll share more details about that in further releases ;). We can say, however, that with a waveform update rate above that of most high-end flaw detectors, the A-Scan and other displays are lightning-fast and responsive. This makes scanning for internal pitting corrosion fast and easy.

ARTIO is a pleasure to use.

Use the automated calibration wizard to get yourself up and running, then start saving your readings in the survey file that you created simply and easily. The interface is modern and fluid and has a normal keyboard. You no longer have to tap away at a keypad like a teen in the 1990’s with their first flip-phone just to enter the name of your survey. Gone are the days of lumbering around cumbersome equipment, getting tangled in cables and straps, scratching results onto paper, or fighting software issues.

There’s no cumbersome software to install.

Just take your readings, then send them immediately by email, airdrop, or your favourite messaging app. No firewall issues or software patches to stand in your way, and no piles of paper covered in scribbles to get damaged or go missing.

Send your results directly from the field.

There’s no need to go to a computer to share your data; the full picture of the project appears without the technician having to set foot in the office. Spending hours typing results into a computer is also a thing of the past.

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