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The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd

The products and services we provide are of the highest quality. It is their efficiency and reliability, as well as our customer service and delivery that drives our business.


United Kingdom

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The products and services we provide are of the highest quality. It is their efficiency and reliability, as well as our customer service and delivery that drives our business.

TVC is a technology and service company providing safety critical solutions across industry sectors since 1995. We are a global leader in data acquisition, logging solutions, and inspection equipment by developing, manufacturing, and marketing first-rate monitoring systems.

No matter how demanding your needs are, we have the expertise to meet them.

  • Company directors with over forty years of combined experience in the NDT equipment industry.
  • In-house designed and manufactured Industry 4.0 compliant weld monitoring and data logging systems.
  • Customised and one-off inspection equipment designed specifically for operation in the most demanding conditions.
  • First-class repair and calibration service for all types of NDT equipment.
  • Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (UKAS) for Ultrasonic Flaw Detection, Ultrasonic Thickness Measuring, Weld Monitoring, and Welding Inspection equipment both in our laboratory and onsite at customers’ premises.
  • Approved and audited BS EN ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Managment System for all equipment calibrations carried out to national and international standards, manufacturers’ specifications or specific customer requirements.
  • Exclusive licence to manufacture and supply the ASAMS Ltd System 3 and System 12 Magnetic Particle Inspection Subsea systems.
  • Comprehensive inventory of NDT equipment for both short and long-term rental.
Products & Services
Equipment Rental

Equipment hire is a need for many companies. Whether for an unexpected project or to save on purchase overheads, here at TVC we hold a wide range of NDT equipment available for both short and long-term hire contracts for your every need. 

Advantages of Equipment Rental

Hiring equipment has many advantages. Depreciation will apply to expensive equipment, and storage will be necessary. Rental eliminates the need to store equipment or depreciate it – as long as everything is returned in the same condition, there is no need for maintenance or repair.

Additionally, if something goes wrong with an item, you may be outside of the warranty period and the manufacturer may not be able to assist you. Depending on the coverage period, you may have to go through a lengthy warranty repair process, while we can help you troubleshoot problems or replace faulty items. Keeping your on-site downtime to a minimum can reduce your costs.

When you hire, you need minimal equipment and can easily adapt to changes in your clients’ needs. Consequently, smaller companies can benefit from this because they now have access to the latest technology without having to pay a high purchase price.  As a result, it can be easier to ride increases and decreases in the market. Furthermore, if you are thinking of purchasing a piece of equipment, you can also try it out first!

Available Equipment

Our range includes:

  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors *
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Meters
  • Subsea Ultrasonic Equipment
  • Subsea MPI Equipment
  • Weld Monitoring (ALX and ALXII)
  • Amp Clamps
  • Digital Thermometers
  • Gas Flow Meters
  • Boiler Tube Inspection (Dinsearch 1.00)
  • Lighting Column Inspection (ColcheK)
  • Video Inspection Equipment
  • Visual Inspection Equipment
  • Holiday Detectors
  • X-Ray systems (up to 300Kv)
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