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The Snell Group

Whether your interest is condition monitoring, building applications, roof inspections, nondestructive testing, research and development, or becoming a technology service provider.



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The Snell Group’s mission is to help you leverage Infrared Thermography (IR) and Electric Motor Testing (EMT).

Whether your interest is condition monitoring, building applications, roof inspections, nondestructive testing, research and development, or becoming a technology service provider. 

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Our qualified team of experts will help you at every stage of using these technologies…

  • If you need an assessment to determine whether IR and/or EMT will benefit your predictive maintenance objectives.
  • If you are ready to establish an IR and/or EMT condition monitoring program.
  • If you have an existing program that needs to be optimized and improved.
  • If your technicians would benefit from additional training and mentoring.
  • If it is more economical for you to outsource this critical business function.
  • If you need certification testing that is compliant with the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) or according to The Snell Certification Standard.
  • If you want to stay current with developments in theory and best practices

We offer comprehensive solutions including audit and assessment, training, certification, inspections, consulting, mentoring, and information; we can meet any need regarding infrared thermography and electric motor testing. The Snell Group also conducts world-wide training, click here to view our locations.

Products & Services
EMT Services

The Snell Group can conduct testing of your electric motors and their associated circuitry as part of a comprehensive electric motor testing (EMT) and management program.

We can perform EMT inspections, whether online (energized) or offline (de-energized) to provide early detection of defects or faults in electrical distribution, motor circuits, motors and motor drive trains. Snell EMT consultants can also provide detailed reports with failure mode identification and recommended follow-up such as:

  • Corrective action
  • Correlative testing
  • Changes in maintenance and/or operational practices
  • System configuration changes

Whether for short-term projects or on a full-time basis, our electric motor testing consultants can integrate seamlessly with your existing condition monitoring program. Through our discovery process an appropriate testing frequency for our electric motor testing inspection services will be recommended based on industry best practices and your specific requirements. For large facilities, or sites with many critical motors, it may be appropriate to staff a full-time Snell EMT consultant who works side-by-side providing EMT inspection services for your PdM program throughout the year.

With a strong emphasis on safety, our EMT consultants have NFPA 70E training and meet our high standards for technology-specific professional development. Please contact us today to learn how our electric motor testing inspections can get a higher return on investment in your motor program.

The Snell Group also has a wide range of electric motor testing training courses, as well as EMT consulting services that allow your facility to better integrate EMT/MCA into your overall motor and PdM programs.

Please contact us for a proposal for our electric motor testing services.

Infrared Services

Snell infrared inspection services provide clients with the convenience and quality of an IR inspections program that is executed utilizing industry best practices.

Snell InspectionsThe Snell Group's IR inspection services are designed to provide companies with the many benefits of the technology without investment in additional equipment, training and personnel. Many facilities take advantage of Snell Inspections IR consultants for special applications, equipment commissioning, vacationing technicians and new program setup. These services can also be used to quickly ramp up an effective infrared program as a facility starts to build an in-house program.

Outsourcing infrared consultants is the best solution in many situations. The reasons to conduct an infrared survey with an outside contractor such as Snell IR vary from simply meeting insurance requirements to being part of a functional condition monitoring program. Regardless of the reason, infrared services from Snell Inspections provide a one-stop shop from which you can have a complete infrared PdM program.

Our certified Snell IR consultants bring decades of experience and knowledge in a wide range of infrared applications; such as residential/home inspections, electrical and mechanical plant inspections, process inspections, utility inspections, etc. Your needs will determine the frequency of our inspections services. Snell IR inspections can support routine quarterly inspections or large programs needing full-time placement of one of our technicians.

Snell IR services can also support clients with guidance on effective report writing, establishing proper inspection routes, implementing appropriate procedures and establishing best safety practices. Consulting from The Snell Group addresses these important areas, allowing facilities to better integrate thermography into their overall program.

The Snell Group also has a wide range of infrared training courses and infrared consulting services that allow facilities to better integrate themography into your overall PdM/Condition Monitoring programs.

If you are looking to set up infrared inspection services, please contact us today for additional information.

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