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TesTex is the 1% that designs and manufactures all of our OWN equipment and uses that equipment in our own inspection services.

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The TesTex Advantage:

99% of all NDT companies provide services using 3rd party equipment, or they provide equipment to other NDT service companies. We are the 1% that designs and manufactures all of our OWN equipment, and uses that equipment in our own inspection services. We have found that this experience improves our equipment, which we sell with the highest confidence. Whether it be probes, mapping software, magnetic crawlers, or vast arrays of tank inspection equipment, if you want field proven NDT services and equipment, then you want the TesTex Advantage.

Products & Services
Pipe and Pipeline Inspection

TesTex provides pipeline scanning services for above-ground, uninsulated piping. Scanning can easily penetrate painted or coated piping. For this service, TesTex utilizes the PS-2000 Pipe Scanning System. This system is based on the principles of TesTex’s proprietary Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique (LFET).

The LFET technology allows TesTex to rapidly scan areas of piping to achieve over 90% coverage. The PS-2000 can be used as a quantitative tool or as a rapid screening tool. In the screening mode, we use A-Scan Ultrasonics to prove-up any flaw indications. This technology is applicable to magnetic and non-magnetic piping. Cast iron or other cast materials can also be tested.

For longer pipe runs, TesTex has developed an automated scanning rig known as the Line CAT which is based on the principles of LFET. It was designed to quickly and accurately scan piping of 6” or greater in diameter. This inspection is performed from the pipe OD

The Line CAT uses a remote controlled magnetic wheeled crawler to propel the system making it capable of traveling up to 10 ft/min. It has a contoured top shell that supports and stabilizes the main sensor array. The sensor array is made up of 16 individual 50mm (1.96in) wide scanning pods that contour to the actual geometry of the pipe via a flexible coupling system. The system is sufficiently designed to travel around bends and over welds. All components of the Line CAT are designed to withstand arctic conditions down to -40° Fahrenheit. In addition, the Line CAT is shippable via overnight carriers.

Waveform shows pitting found by the TesTex Line CAT

In nuclear power plants, piping such as service water systems and fire protection systems can be scanned to detect and quantify MIC (microbiologically induced corrosion) attack and even FAC (flow accelerated corrosion).

Piping diagram showing areas of corrosion

In coal burning power plants, coal mill piping can be rapidly scanned for ID erosion from pulverized coal.

For short-run underground piping, TesTex provides inspection services through access to the pipe ID with our Triton RFET System, which uses our Remote Field Electromagnetic Technique (RFET) to scan for defects.

Heat Exchanger Inspection

TesTex provides scheduled and emergency inspection services for all types of tubular heat exchangers including air cooler fin fans. Unlike most other NDT companies, heat exchanger inspection is a TesTex specialty; we build the equipment used for inspections, and all of our crews are trained on it. When you contact us with an immediate need, one of our 40 highly-trained field service crews will respond.

For carbon steel and other magnetic metals, the TesTex Triton RFET System is deployed. This system performs inspections from the tube ID.

For non-magnetic metals such as stainless steels, copper nickels, brass or titanium, the TesTex TX-4400 Multi-frequency/Multichannel Eddy Current System is deployed.

TesTex manufactures its own Remote Field Electromagnetic Technique (RFET) and Eddy Current Technique (ECT) equipment, we have the necessary test equipment available for large jobs, and each inspection team is supplied with sufficient back-up/redundant equipment to keep the work going.

Manufacturing all of our own probes and calibration standards allows us to respond to emergency needs better than any other heat exchanger inspection company.

In addition to the inspections based on our RFET and ECT equipment, we also provide IRIS Ultrasonic tube inspection and video borescoping services.

Whether you have one heat exchanger or several hundred, we have the capability to perform an inspection.

  • Inspects straight sections; U-Bends can be tested with special probes
  • A team can inspect 300 – 400 hex tubes in a ten-hour shift using RFET
  • A team can inspect more than 400 hex tubes in a ten-hour shift using ECT
  • TesTex can field 40 tubing inspection crews at any given time
  • Our technicians are equipped with multiple probe sizes and back-up equipment
  • RFET inspections do not require extensive tube cleaning and often are conducted with no tube preparation at all
  • Can inspect tube sizes from one-half inch (OD) and greater
  • Detects and sizes corrosion, erosion, pitting and baffle cutting
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