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Pedro Flórez Miñambres


Tecnitest Ingenieros is a Non Destructive Testing (NDT) engineering company, with more than twenty years of experience, whose main objective is the development and deployment of NDT systems and applications in the industry.

The activity of Tecnitest is aimed at all industrial sectors and covers all non-destructive inspection techniques, paying special attention to the use of advanced technologies and innovation, Level III services and consulting, with a clearly defined objective: the optimization of the cost of inspection, time, reliability, traceability and recording of results.

Among our main clients are companies from different industrial sectors such as:

– Aerospace sector;

Aciturri Group, Aernnova, Alestis Aerospace, Iberia, Airbus, Astrium, Turbo Propulsion Industry (ITP), Emirates Airlines, UAE Airlines, Singapore Airlines, US Navy, Rotable Repairs (UK). – Railway sector; Renfe, Nedtrain, Constructora y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF), Nertus, Alstom.

– Automotive industry;

SKF, TRW, Ames.

– Energy sector;

Gamesa, Iberdrola, Acciona, Areva; Saudi Aramco- END service companies; SGS and Applus, among others. As well as universities and technological centers such as: Polytechnic University of Madrid, Superior Council of Scientific Research (CSIC), Welding Institute TWI (United Kingdom), IMDEA (Madrid Institute of Advanced Studies), etc.

Within the systems of own development, we could highlight:
Systems for the automatic inspection of aircraft wheels (VEESCAN) – Immersion tanks for automatic ultrasonic scanning of components. (TRITON)

– Systems for ultrasonic inspection of hollow axles of trains (High speed). BORETEST

– Automatic X-ray systems for pipelines / gas pipelines. Crawlers- X Ray & Gamma Ray

– Automatic systems for the inspection of wall thickness in crude oil and fuel storage tanks (CETA).

X-ray cabinets.

Tecnitest has established an R&D strategy that has allowed the participation in more than thirty projects of different national and mainly European programs for the improvement of our capacities and the realization of cutting-edge activities.

Tecnitest has been awarded the seal Innovative SME, awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. This seal is a recognition to companies that have demonstrated their character and innovative spirit and ability in recent years.

On 2019 May 31st, the international cooperation R&D project called ROBUST (robotic ultrasonic spot weld testing system), a joint effort by TECNITEST INGENIEROS and TOFAŞ TÜRK OTOMOBİL FABRİKASI A.Ş., has been awarded the EUREKA Label.

Products & Services
Ultrasound (UT)

All Equipment, Accessories and Consumables for performing Non-Destructive Ultrasonic Testing.

Tecnitest Ingenieros is a distributor in Spain and Portugal for Sonatest, Dakota, Technisonic, Socomate, Sonaspection and guarantees technical support and maintenance service for the supplied equipment.

For Ultrasonic Equipment, Systems and Probes, we also offer periodic calibration verification services in accordance with EN-12668.

Full range of products

Phased-Array Equipment and Advanced UT Systems

Portable Equipment for Ultrasonic Flaw Detection
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges
Ultrasonic Bolt Elongation Gauges
Ultrasonic Transducers
Ultrasound Accessories

Industrial Radiography (RX)

Complete range of Equipment, Systems and Accessories for carrying out Non-Destructive Testing with X-Rays.

Tecnitest Ingenieros is a distributor in Spain for Balteau, Wilnos, SE International, Fuji, Visiconsult and DÜRR and guarantees technical support and maintenance service for the supplied equipment.

Full range of products 

Computed Radiography Equipment (CCR)
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Revealing Processors.
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X-ray Equipment, fixed and Portable
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X-ray Cabins and Systems.
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Negatoscopes and Densitometers
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Radiation Detectors
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Radiography Films and Accessories
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Induced Currents (ET)

Complete range of equipment, probes and accessories for non-destructive tests by eddy currents.

Tecnitest Ingenieros is the distributor in Spain of ETher NDE and guarantees technical support and maintenance service in Spain for the supplied equipment.

Performing periodic calibration checks in accordance with EN ISO 15548-1 (equipment), 15548-2 (probes) and 15548-3 (systems).

Level III counseling and services.

Full range of Products

Industrial Equipment
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Portable Universal Equipment
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Coating Thickness Gauges
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Probes and Rotors
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