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Technology Design

We combine Phased Array, FMC/TFM, ToFD and Pulse Echo into a convenient and powerful range of instruments.

United Kingdom

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Technology Design specialises in the design, development and manufacture of state-of-the-art ultrasonic data acquisition systems. We combine Phased Array, FMC/TFM, ToFD and Pulse Echo into a convenient and powerful range of instruments. These are designed to suit the widest spread of applications and are supplied worldwide.

Products & Services
TD Focus-ScanRX

NEW - TD Focus-Scan RX - The Next Generation....

The NEW TD Focus-Scan RX is our next generation ruggedized portable phased array flaw detector, delivering everything the operator requires to carry out inspections in the Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Manufacturing and Aerospace markets. The Windows based operating systems performs at gigabit Ethernet speeds and supports 2D matrix probes as well as linear array. The systems is available in a variety of configurations and comes complete with Eclipse Beam Tool on-board.  Very powerful and easy to deploy on a daily basis.


  1. Configurations available up to 64/128PR
  2. 8 Independent Conventional Ultrasonic Channels
  3. 3 Axis Encoding, video tracking
  4. Simultaneous PA and ToFD data collection
  5. On-Board 2-axis Motor Control Drive Unit
  6. Extensive On-Board Analysis Tools
  7. Powerful Reporting Functions
  8. Integrated ESBeamTool®
  9. User Replaceable Batteries (hot swappable)
  10. 128GB SSD Storage
TD Handy-ScanRX

Hand-held multifunction & portable phased array ultrasonic system.

The TD Handy-ScanRX was born out of the demand for an inexpensive ultrasonic system that delivers Phased Array, ToFD and Pulse Echo, Corrosion Mapping and Weld Zone Discrimination in a single integrated portable package.


  1. Highly Portable
  2. Sunlight Readable Screen
  3. Extensive Analysis Tools
  4. Powerful Reporting Functions
  5. Removable Battery
  6. 2 Axis Encoder; Video tracking
  7. Import setups from ESBeamTool®
  8. x 8 Conventional Channels
  9. 32/64 Phased Array
  10. Simultaneous PA, ToFD and/or PE data collection
  11. 128GB SSD storage
TD PS45 Pocket-Scan

Multi-channel conventional UT system which is Ethernet connectable to your laptop.

The Ethernet connection simplifies the link between laptop and Pocket-Scan and eliminates the need for a PCMCIA type II card slot. The Ethernet system requires minimal initial setup with no special drivers and will communicate with any Ethernet enabled PC.


  1. Portable yet Highly Capable
  2. Ethernet Link - PS45 to Laptop
  3. Extensive Off-line Analysis Tools
  4. Built-in Reporting
  5. 2 Axis Encoder & Video Tracking
  6. Up to x32 Conventional Channels
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