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More than fifty years ago, four green youngsters fresh out of India’s premier engineering school, IIT Bombay, got their heads together and set forth on a daunting task. Their mission: to design and build a whole range of world class sophisticated Eddy Current non-destructive test systems.

Today the Technofour group takes pride in their products. Apart from arguably the best Eddy Current NDT systems in the world, the group has three other major lines of business: Highly sophisticated metal detectors for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and other industries; Check-weigher systems and mechanical handling systems and robotics.

Technofour have now diversified into Ultrasonic NDT systems, Magnetic Flux Leakage systems as well as Barkhausen Emission Analyzers. Technofour take pride in introducing the World’s smallest credit card sized Eddy Current instrument – the EddyUSB, Ultrasonic flaw detector UTUSB and the World’s first Bluetooth enabled instrument, the EddyBLU.

Products & Services

Highly advanced multi-frequency, multi-channel, multi-parameter eddy current comparator with real-time harmonic analysis and built-in Industry 4.0 support


Multifect-GX is a sixth-generation versatile multi-frequency, multi-channel, multi-parameter eddy current comparator for segregation of metallic components and raw stock. The  system outshines old-school instruments by implementing real-time analysis of harmonics of each test frequency. This enables sorting of components previously impossible with conventional instruments. The system is ideally suited for stringent quality checks of crucial automotive

Multifect-GX can test parts at up to 32 frequencies at one go. Components up to nine harmonics can simultaneously be analyzed for each frequency. Harmonics carry information about non-linearity of B-H curve of a material.


  • Sorting of bars or components according to alloy type
  • Sorting of fasteners according to hardness
  • Segregation of forgings as per heat-treat condition
  • Evaluation of gudgeon pins for case-depth
  • Regression readout of values ( e.g. Hardness )
  • Confidence Testing with known good samples
  • Artificial Neural Network based grouping
  • Segregation with multiple parameter mixups
  • Harmonic analysis for ferromagnetic materials


Harmonics carry key information about the metallurgy of components

Ferromagnetic materials exhibit hysteresis in their magnetizing curve.  Remanance, Coercivity values are important pointers to the metallurgy of the material.  So also the area enclosed by the curve.  When a sinusoidal excitation is applied to a non-ferromagnetic material, flux density is also sinusoidal.  In case of ferromagnetic material  the flux density has distortions.  Voltage induced in pickup coils is a time-differential of this distorted flux density curve.  This has harmonic content which depends on the non-linearity of the B-H curve.  Typically hard materials have higher hysteresis, and result in higher harmonic content in the signal, and can be easily sorted out by analyzing the harmonics.  It must be noted that say testing at the third harmonic of 100 Hz signal is NOT the same as testing at 300 Hz at all.


  • Real-time Harmonic Analysis at each frequency
  • Single and multi-frequency tests
  • Multi-parameter multi-frequency tests
  • Confidence tests with a wide frequency band
  • Regression readout of values such as hardness
  • Artificial neural networks for grouping
  • Automatic setup wizards
  • Automatic sorting
  • Options for simultaneous test frequencies
  • Windows Professional operating system
  • Online manual and context sensitive help
  • Extensive Data logging and reporting
  • TCP/IP servers over Ethernet
  • OPC-UA server for Industry 4.0 integration


Advanced rotating component eddy current system for detection of fine cracks on roto-symmetrical automotive and other precision components


Technofour Defectoscope-EX Test System detects surface-breaking cracks on finished roto-symmetrical components such as ball pins, gudgeon pins, piston rods, bearing races, rollers, cylinder liners, gear blanks, ammunition shells etc in production environment or at inward quality inspection.

The component is rotated while one or more probes scan the surface helically. Either the component advances past stationary probes as it rotates, or the probes themselves move over the component’s surface.


Defectoscope-LX is ideally suited for detection of fine surface cracks on precision components such as those used in automotive industries, aerospace, defence or other demanding applications.

Typically used for automobile components, the system can detect flaws as fine as 50 microns on polished surfaces.

Complete automation support is provided along with several kinds of custom-built mechanisms for scanning and sorting to maximize productivity.


  • Can detect axial as well as circumferential* defects
  • Multi-channel capability for testing complex parts
  • Up to 32 probes for scanning various surfaces
  • Capable of end-area inspection in OCTG pipes
  • Variable test frequency
  • Multiple display templates
  • Ethernet connectivity with a remote computer
  • E-mailed reports at scheduled intervals
  • Independent High-pass and Low-pass filters
  • Customized mechanisms for test automation
  • Four thresholds including sector gate
  • Three evaluation modes
  • No magnetization or demagnetization required
  • 100% quality inspection
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