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TechCorr Inc.

TechCorr is dedicated to growing in size, scope, and performance. As we move forward, we will continue to concentrate on our people: employing the best

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Improving Safety and Reliability

We are not satisfied simply meeting industry standards.

TechCorr is dedicated to growing in size, scope, and performance. As we move forward, we will continue to concentrate on our people: employing the best personnel and providing them with the highest quality leadership and technology.

The result will be a safe, efficient team providing profitable returns for all of our customers and stakeholders.


Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Pasadena, Texas.

TechCorr is a global leader for inspection services. Our services include:

  • visual inspections
  • non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • advanced NDT
  • corrosion surveys
  • corrosion under insulation programs
  • mechanical integrity and reliability programs
  • shutdown and turnaround support
  • pipeline and oilfield fabrication.

TechCorr brings together the most advanced technology available with qualified, trained, and certified personnel to solve the toughest industry problems. Our stats speak for themselves:

  • 20 years of experience
  • 20 locations world wide
  • 400+ highly-skilled employees

TechCorr is well-equipped to handle nearly any reliability program requirement no matter the complexity or location.

Products & Services
Visual Inspection

TechCorr provides visual testing (VT) services for multiple industries and assets.  Typically, these services are performed while the asset remains in-service, during maintenance outages or while under construction.  Our certified inspectors not only identify discrepancies for code and regulatory compliance but also offer quality control services during fabrication and/or construction of equipment and facilities.

TechCorr follows the certification requirements from the American Petroleum Institute (API) and offers the following technical personnel:

  • API 653 Above Ground Storage Tank Inspectors
  • API 510 Pressure Vessel Equipment Inspectors
  • API 570 Piping Equipment Inspectors
  • API 936 Refractory Material Inspectors
  • API 579 Fitness for Service Engineer Assessments
  • API 580/1 Risk Based Assessment Approaches

Additionally, TechCorr provides:

  • NACE I & II Coating Inspectors
  • NACE I & II CP Technicians
  • CWI – Certified Welding Inspectors

TechCorr utilizes the Visual AIM smart tablet inspection platform to perform efficient and effective visual inspection reports, in a tenth the time of manual reports.

Pipeline Integrity

TechCorr‘s Pipeline Integrity group provides experts in the nondestructive examination of pipelines during anomaly digs and/or the validation of anomalies for the purpose of qualifying in-line inspection data; using both conventional and advanced technology.

We also offer “Persons in Charge” responsible for entire projects and/or act as the client representative’s “Eyes and Ears” overseeing construction contractor performance. Persons in Charge (PICs) have project management and communication expertise able to act as the eyes and ears for the client; to report production and quality check contractor performance.  Typical PIC’s are qualified visual inspectors with certification in coatings inspection and/or installation of steel/composite pipe repair solutions.

TechCorr ‘s pipeline integrity professionals are qualified in obtaining soil samples, measuring pipe to soil potentials, soil resistivity and similar activities.  Additionally, our Pipeline Integrity professionals are supported by a group of engineers capable of evaluating MAOP and Burst Pressures using RSTRENG and/or KAPPA calculation methodologies.

Guided wave ultrasonic testing

Guided wave ultrasonic testing (GWUT), also known as long-range ultrasonic testing (LRUT), is a screening tool for rapidly testing long lengths of pipe from a single inspection point. GWUT provides 100% coverage of the pipe wall without having to remove insulation or coating. It quickly identifies areas of corrosion or erosion that may then undergo more detailed inspections using other NDT techniques, such as radiography or 3D structured light.

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