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Team, Inc.

A professional workforce of experienced engineers, technicians, and client support personnel who back every solution with the best on-the-job safety and service training,


United Kingdom

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What is TEAM? A professional workforce of experienced engineers, technicians, and client support personnel who back every solution with the best on-the-job safety and service training, equipment, and technical support in the industry. Through locations in more than 20 countries, we unite the delivery of technological innovation with nearly a century of progressive, yet proven integrity and reliability management expertise to fuel a better tomorrow.

Read on to learn more about the values that drive us and the standards we hold ourselves to on every job site and in every office around the world.

Fueling a Better Tomorrow

TEAM, Inc. is a global leading provider of integrated, digitally-enabled asset performance assurance and optimization solutions. We deploy conventional to highly specialized inspection, condition assessment, maintenance and repair services that result in greater safety, reliability, and operational and economic efficiency for our client’s most critical assets.

Products & Services

Employing Innovation and Expertise to Validate Material Integrity

TEAM provides complete NDE/NDT inspection and testing services for industries worldwide. Each inspection service we perform is carefully selected for each specific job, backed by half a century of experience and driven by innovative technologies and techniques that are employed by fully trained and certified, expert technicians.

No matter how simple or complex your inspection requirements, our ultimate goal is to maximize quality, safety and productivity in your critical components, equipment and processes. We provide accurate results, proactively detect issues, and can determine if a specific component is structurally sound. TEAM technicians safely and reliably meet any inspection requirement or industry standard anytime, anywhere.

Solutions Specific to Your Industry

In our decades of operation, our team has acquired a wealth of industry specific maintenance and repair technical and operational knowledge. Our advanced integrated solutions are based on in-the-field experience where we consult and deliver asset integrity management services and data-driven insights.  Very little ramp-up time is required to understand your industry-specific challenges and to find real, viable and proven solutions to produce meaningful results.

Conventional NDT Disciplines

Machined parts and industrial structures can be complex systems that experience extreme loads and fatigue during their lifetime. Non-destructive testing (NDT) or non-destructive evaluation (NDE) enables the inspection of these components without damaging or destroying the equipment. It is a highly valuable technique that is often used to validate the integrity of materials, detect discontinuities, identify out of tolerance conditions, identify failed components, or highlight an inadequate control system.

Conventional non-destructive testing is often the starting point in establishing or evaluating the condition of the equipment. It is comprised of a number of different testing methods. TEAM offers a wide array of conventional NDT applications for turnaround and on-stream inspection activities.

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