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Tatras Group

Specializing in mechanical, construction support, welding, electrical, concrete, TAR, NDT, engineering and rescue teams.



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Quality Work Delivered On Time

Specializing in mechanical, construction support, welding, electrical, concrete, TAR, NDT, engineering and rescue teams.

We offer an exceptional skill base and attention to quality work that exceeds industry safety standards.

Our team focuses on doing it right the first time with our streamlined processes. 

Our recruitment procedure considers work ethic, safety and values. We take the time to recruit people who share the qualities of our company culture. In our individual commitment to our Company’s ethos we guarantee on giving our best to any project we undertake.


Tatras greatest strength lies in its ability to provide dependable comprehensive service. In the building repair industry, speed, efficiency and quality craftsmanship are vital. Whether the job is small or large, deadlines, once set, are there to be achieved.

Team Members

At TATRAS, we have an incredible professional, reliable and experienced team. We are a group of strong-minded individuals who are driven by similar values and a common work ethic. We recognize that our diversity makes us a strong team. Our members value that we have different skills and strengths, and due to this we use our differences and strengths in our solid teamwork.


We value meaningful relationships that last, so we look out for your needs both now and into the future. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do.


Products & Services
Maintenance Shutdowns (TAR)

Quality Work Delivered On Time

Professional Shutdowns Services by Tatras Group involve the use of cutting-edge Rope Access methods that are carefully planned from the beginning to create a fast, reliable Shutdown Service that benefits your bottom line every time.

General services:

  • Shutdowns and Turnarounds (TAR)
  • Mechanical and Structural: rivets replacement, bolt torquing
  • NDT
  • Welding CSA W47.1
  • Construction: concrete repairs, pipe insulation
  • Electrical: LED retrofits, ballast replacements
  • Insulation: Noise control, Heat loss protection.
  • Access Platforms and Fall Protection installations

Why Tatras Group

Tatras Group provides qualified trade technicians in the fields of emergency management, carpentry, electrical, installation, and coating to facilitate all requested projects to all types of buildings/structures.

Prior to each project, Tatras prepares Methodology Statement, Job Hazard Analysis and a Complex Rescue Plan.

The primary objective when using rope access methods is to carry out the work efficiently eliminating accidents, incidents or dangerous occurrences. In order to ensure a safe system of work is maintained at all times, whilst avoiding damage to property or harm to the environment, careful planning and documented risk assessments are undertaken for each operation.

Rope Access Systems are designed for locations where conventional methods simply cannot work. Rope Access allows workers to descend, ascend, traverse and self-rescue while suspended on ropes in a harness.

Rope access is the safest and most efficient method to reach inaccessible locations and is up to 50-80% less expensive than scaffolding, cranes and other forms of at-height access. Fewer people are required to accomplish the same work, and the project is completed sooner because of the increased mobility and efficiency of rope access work. These factors work to minimize downtime, which in turn lowers costs

Energy Sector

Quality Work Delivered On Time

Tatras Rope Access technicians specialize in inspecting and maintaining dams, smokestacks, penstock, power plants and hydroelectric facilities using rope access and suspended platforms.

Services we offer include asset inspections, including hydro dam main gate girders, radial and outlet tainter gates, & steel, pipe insulation, and concrete or wood structures. Tatras offers a wide variety of maintenance services, including torque testing and bolt replacement, cleaning and debris removal, coating repair, Monitoring system and sensor installation, and welding and electrical services. Our testing services include Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).

No matter the location, configuration, or other qualities of the facility being serviced, Tatras has the access capabilities to meet the needs of all. 

Our rope access technicians are trained, certified, and backed by years of industry experience, working in collaboration with facility personnel to ensure that all needed procedures and services can be performed.

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