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Swiss Approval International

Inspection Services is your go-to provider for non-destructive testing, specializing in advanced inspection solutions for steel infrastructure.



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Inspection Services is your go-to provider for non-destructive testing, specializing in advanced inspection solutions for steel infrastructure. Our innovative ACFM method offers fast and accurate inspections, detecting cracks through protective coatings and in-service installations. With experience in civil engineering, piping, and energy infrastructure, we're dedicated to helping our clients maintain the safety and integrity of their structures.

Products & Services
Third Party Inspection

SWISS APPROVAL offers Industrial inspections as an Independent Third Party Organization [Third Party Inspection Body (TPI)] for Gas supply Companies, Oil and gas facilities, and Construction and maintenance of Refineries, PPC Units, and Power Plants.

Inspection services are developed with Checks and controls as well as Witnesses during construction activities, according to the approved Inspection and Test Plan [ITP].

Witness and Inspection or Monitoring of ITPs, is one of the main services during Field Inspection, as this is the base of Reporting, including Non Confarmancy Reports [NCR], during project implementation and construction activities development.

Non Destructive Techniques [NDT] Interpretation and Approval of evidences, is also very critical during project implementation and construction activities development. Specific Reports have to be issued at the end of every Interpretation section.

SWISS APPROVAL offers traditional qualified Level 2 Inspection Personnel, for all NDT’s methods and equipment. Certified Personnel offer interpretation services for RT, PT, MT, and UT Semi-Automatic or Automatic technologies, which are applied for specific purposes according to Owners' requirements.

Level III qualified personnel is also involved, in monitoring Level II inspectors, and supervising all Field  NDT activities.

SWISS APPROVAL has also developed its own internal Ultrasonic Implementation and Interpretation Team, with the use of specific NDT equipment, using advanced ultrasonic tools and technologies, such as TOFD and Phased Array.

SWISS APPROVAL offers accredited services during construction, according to European Directives like PED 97/23, ASME Code, or other National or International Standards.

SWISS APPROVAL offers EN ISO 17020 Accredited Services for a variety of inspection categories.

Welding Inspection Services

Swiss Approval inspects and certifies welding processes and welders by the standards EN 15614-1, EN ISO 15609-1:2004, EN 287-1, EN 287-2, and BS EN 473. The welding process certification (WPQR) demonstrates the ability of a manufacturer to produce concrete seams that meet the construction quality requirements. Through the process certification (WPQR) the most successful option is determined: Method, Materials, Configuration, Auxiliary Materials, and Welding Conditions, as well as Thermal Treatment Methods, before / During / After Welding.

With WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) the power ranges in nearly all factors (described in WPQR), such as material quality, material thickness, pipe diameter, type of connection (Butt, T, Fillet), welding position, etc, are extended.

Both WPQR and WPS special requirements derive from conventional Technical Specifications of the project which are taken into account.

Swiss Approval also offers EN 17020 Accredited Inspection Services for the following standards regarding Welding Activities:

  • EN 288-2
  • EN 288-4
  • EN 288-9
  • 15609-01
  • EN 15609-02
  • EN ISO 15614-1 to 6
  • EN 287-1
  • EN 287-2
  • EN 1418
  • EN 9606.02
Remote Visual Inspection and Auditing Tools [RVIAT]

Swiss Approval International, is offering Inspection and Auditing Services, through Remote Inspection / Auditing tools, to guarantee the maximum effectiveness and efficiency of Auditing and Inspection results, operated in fully Remote mode.

The On-Site Connection Remote Software, guarantees a fully collaborative environment, to provide inspection and auditing teams, to have access to augmented content, to troubleshoot, assess, audit, and rapidly resolve issues in the field, by bringing data on the monitor of remote experts and authorized inspectors & auditors.

Connection software powers a full range of mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, computers, drones with cameras, and smart glasses for a consistent experience, that fits all conditions and possible cases and environments, across an inspection and/or auditing process.

Swiss Approval International emphasizes the use of Smart Glasses, as well as classical mobile equipment on a tripod, or sometimes a combination of both. Authorized Inspectors and Auditors, are following ON-LINE the data registration and transfer, and they are evaluating the process, through remote monitoring of activities.

Through a permanent Wi/Fi connection between the Smart Glasses or similar equipment, to the Datastore i-Cloud, the auditing or inspection data, are transferred and saved to the i-Cloud itself.

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