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SREM Technologies

SREM TECHNOLOGIES is a leading manufacturer of Equipment, Chemicals, and accessories for Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) and Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI).

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The company SREM Technologies was founded in 1952 by Mr. Durand and BERGER . In 1953, the first Magnetic Particles Inspection bench was designed in France, the Contromag C16 . Two years later it added to its range of magnetic particle devices, a detection system of Penetrant Testing range. 

Quickly Srem Technologies developed a range of chemicals products for MPI and PT.

Since then , technology and customer needs, have increased . SREM Technologies extends its range of equipment, standard products and  its “savoir faire”. This allows the company to design and build special equipment incorporating technologies such as ultrasonic or Eddy currents. 

Srem Technologies also offers NDT accessories,and several services such as, maintenance, calibration, chemical analysis. SREM Technologies is a Sofranel group company, European leader in NDT. Their complementary activities strengthens their market position .SREM Technologies operates worldwide through a network of distributors.

Our brands : 

  • CONTROMAG : Standard MPI bench or Special, Degaussers , Mobile Generator
  • FLUOGRAPHE : Standard PT Stations or Special, Water Treatment
  • SONDEX : Ultrasonic equipment or integrating Eddy Currents
  • FLUXO: A full range of chemicals products for Magnetic Particles Inspection, Penetrant Testing and Ultrasonic.
Products & Services
MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection)

Non-Destructive Testing by MPI is a technique based on magnetic fields/electro-magnetic fields. It is not limited to the defects on the surface of a part but it is still interesting because it is a global control method unlike ultrasounds or Eddy currents which are local ones.

MPI controls consist of applying a magnetic field on the part to control so that it is saturated. The presence of defects on the surface will arouse field leak flows which will be highlighted thanks to magnetic developers. These developers will be colored under white light and fluorescent under UV light.

There are multiple ways to magnetize a part to control: An electro-magnetic field (using alternating, rectified, or direct current), applying electricity directly on the part, or using a permanent magnet.
The parts must be cleaned after control (removing the white contrast if some has been used) and they must be demagnetized.

The main advantages of MPI controls over PT ones are the quickness of the process and the possibility to detect flaws on the surface of the parts even if these defects are closed. However you can use MPI controls on ferro-magnetic parts only.

Penetrant Testing

Penetrant Testing inspection is highly developed in aviation. Yet, other industries, especially cars industry, develop new safety parts magnetic materials and acquire this means of control.

To meet these very diverse needs, SREM Technologies offers a range of facilities and can realise the requested specifications :

  • Manual and automatic systems.
  • The process by immersion, pneumatic and electrostatic spraying.
  • The standard modular installations adapted to the dimensions of your parts
  • Special facilities

Due to a machining operation or handling by electromagnets, a ferromagnetic part may keep a quite important residual magnetic induction. Yet, a permanent magnet can be very troublesome in the context of an industrial process. It can interfere with instruments using magnetic sensors, it can attract the filings and chips during machining operations, or even deflecting an electron beam during a welding operation.

SREM Technologies offers a wide range of demagnetizers allowing you to reduce the residual magnetic induction at a level compatible with your applications. We will advise you to ensure fast and reliable demagnetization of your parts and will meet your specifications that you may require.

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