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Sonotron NDT

Sonotron NDT consistently expands its product portfolio demonstrating excellent capabilities to respond to market needs, striving to offer the best solution at the right price and promptly

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Established in 1993 Sonotron NDT is the Solutions Provider and Original Manufacturer of the top performance instruments, techniques, and accessories for ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).

As the original creator and manufacturer of cutting-edge equipment and advanced inspection technologies and solutions, Sonotron NDT additionally provides development of the inspection procedures, design and manufacturing of the calibration/performance demonstration blocks, comprehensive training, and field support of the customer's teams.

Sonotron NDT consistently expands its product portfolio demonstrating excellent capabilities to respond to market needs, striving to offer the best solution at the right price and promptly.

Products & Services

Designed and built under the drive for improved detection, productivity, and reduction of inspection cost ISONIC 3510 uniquely resolves the well-known challenges faced by NDT and QA management such as increasing nomenclature and complexity of inspections combined with more demanding codes, standards, and norms along with significant loss of domain expertise.

ISONIC 3510 carries the application-based smart platform for regular and advanced ultrasonic testing delivering

  • 5 inspection modalities – PA, TOFD, CHIME, SRUT GW, conventional UT, and a combination of them
  • outstanding ultrasonic performance and probability of detection
  • built-in image-guided scan plan creator (ray tracer) for the numerous types of simple and complex geometry welds, shafts, bolts, spindles, composite profiles, and the like
  • simplicity and intuitiveness of operation and data interpretation
  • rapidness in the creation of new inspection solutions and procedures
  • easily expandable on-board solutions base
  • reduced training time and cost
  • comprehensiveness of automatically created inspection reports

The optimal suitability of ISONIC 3510 for resolving the huge variety of inspection tasks for all industries and processes involving ultrasonic NDT is strongly backed by the above-listed features and technical particulars.


ISONIC 3507 is a dual-channel version of the ISONIC 3505 instrument. ISONIC 3507 carries the exceptionally innovative dual channel ultrasonic card with never-saturated-receivers; each of the receivers keeps the linearity over 140 dB dynamic range digitizing the originally received signals independently on the gain and rectification settings in every firing / receiving cycle. For each channel every single A-Scan or the sequence of A-Scans forming a record stored into a file may be reproduced then off-line in the form desired by an operator (RF, half- or full wave rectified, FFT) at any gain level over the said 140 dB range. So even in case of a very significant deviation of the pre-inspection gain setting from the required one the observation and evaluation of the recorded data may be performed at the right levels without secondary scanning

The top-level ultrasonic performance of ISONIC 3507 channels is achieved thanks to the said never-saturated-receiver and the versatile firing circuit allowing the forming of the Spike, Unipolar-, or Bipolar Square Wave initial pulse with wide-range-tunable duration and amplitude (up to 400 Vpp). The high stability of the square wave initial pulse amplitude within the entire duration of the positive and negative half-waves, the extremely short boosted rising and falling edges and the automatic adaptive damping allow optimizing of the ultrasonic wave penetration into various materials characterized either by high or low grain size, sound attenuation, and the like and improving of the signal to noise and the resolution

ISONIC 3507 is a direct successor of the ISONIC 2007 instrument. It may be operated as a single or dual-channel unit. Each single channel carries the functionality as below:

  • superior performance A-Scan set including the spectrum analyzer for ultrasonic signals
  • fully featured (data capturing and enhanced postprocessing) standalone TOFD unit
  • CHIME system
  • general purpose CB-Scan machine for the performing of:
  • SRGW (short-range guided wave) inspection and imaging also known as SRUT
  • surface/shear wave inspection and mapping
  • volume overlay incidence angle / skip corrected high-resolution flaw detection B-Scan and Thickness Profile recorder

C-Scan through raster scanning with straight- and angle beam probes either mechanic-free or with the use of the mechanized or automatic XY scanner (optional)


Since 2007 ISONIC PA AUT - the super powerful all-weather-operation platform has been used widely in the world as a core component of the integrated Automatic Ultrasonic Inspection (AUT) systems combining Phased Array (PA), conventional, and TOFD modalities

Among the typical applications resolved by ISONIC PA AUT-based automatic inspection systems are:

  • AUT of girth welds according to ASTM-1961
  • AUT of heavy thickness welds in the pressure vessels, reactors, etc. according to radiography replacement codes
  • AUT of the railway axles and wheels
  • Immersion Ultrasonic Testing (IUT) of various materials and parts
  • IUT validation of the results obtained by various AUT machines

In March 2018 it was launched the next generation ISONIC PA AUT platform carrying the features listed below:

  • Fully parallel 128:128 (2 X 64:64 / 4 X 32:32) PA and 16 independent conventional / TOFD channels carried by portable lightweight unit controllable either over Ethernet OR directly using the standard PC keyboard and mouse
  • Expandable to 256:256 (2 X 128:128 / 4 X 64:64) PA functionality
  • Operating up to 4 PA probes and 16 conventional probes/pairs of probes simultaneously
  • Up to 4096 PA and 512 conventional / TOFD channels functionality thanks to the ability of multiple units operation (up to 32) controlled from one computer
  • Parallel A/D conversion and on-the-fly digital phasing and superimposing of PA elements signals, no multiplexing involved
  • Free settling of emitting and receiving aperture
  • Hardware/software synchronization
  • 3 motor powering and control terminals
  • 3 encoder terminals
  • Built-in UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
  • Emergency stop button
  • Rugged IP 67-sealed case mountable on the scanner
  • All-Weather-Operation: -50°C ... +60°C
  • No intake air
  • No water or other type of cooling is required
  • 9 kg weight
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