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SONOPEC is the corrosion detection and monitoring cost effective solution for your clients. PEC stands for Pulsed Eddy Current and is available through a License Agreement. We deliver equipment, training and support.

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 SONOPEC is the Pulsed Eddy Current corrosion detection and monitoring cost effective solution of TÜV Rheinland Sonovation.

TÜV Rheinland Sonovation delivers equipment, training and support giving you access to an experience of PEC application and technology solutions longer than 25 years. 

SONOPEC is the ideal PEC technology to inspect insulated component through any non-electric conductive and magnetic insulation material, through any corrosion scab and also pipe wrapped repair to monitor the corrosion progress underneath without any need to remove insulation, coating, wrapped repair or to clean the object surface of the object under SONOPEC examination.

The SONOPEC software is the heart of the equipment and it is in continuous development.


Its algorithms, modules and application allow you to present the corrosion profile, data distribution, signal analysis with advanced algorithms to estimate if there are local minimum defect values with the measured Average Wall Thickness value, 3D data collection and automated reporting. SONOPEC can size corrosion and monitor its progress and extension.

SONOPEC is flexible and may be operated at distance. Electronic and probes can be built into ROV’s and deploy to examined coated subsea pipelines realtime as shown in the picture.


SONOPEC has been down with IMPRESUB to a depth of 1600m in West Africa

SONOPEC probes may be integrated and deployed with Crawler, the picture shows SONOPEC and the Invert Robotic Crawler in synergy action during a validation on an Insulated vessel with Aluminum sheeting.


The standard portable SONOPEC equipment can control up to 4 probes real-time and simultaneously in encoded scanning mode. The electronic built in a crawler or ROV can control and perform measurements with as many PEC sensors as needed.


SONOPEC is in continuous development and the SONOPEC team is willing to assist any service provider and end client with tailor-made solution and application.

Products & Services
  • Based on Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC)
  • All in one (Stand-Alone & Computer Controlled)
  • Compatible with SHELL PEC probes and applications
  • User-friendly operation
  • Advanced PEC signal presentation feature
  • Advanced PEC data analysis and evaluation algorithms (footprint minimum WT value, etc.)
  • 2 independent probe channel
  • XY encoder connector
  • Positioning system  (i.e. “continuous” mapping of thin objects or through scaling…)
  • Advanced reporting features (Graphs, 3D result projection on object model/photo, etc.)
  • Designed to be: 1.  easily expanded with Multiplexer and Multichannel modules. 2.  marinized for Subsea applications (risers, offshore structures, subsea pipelines, FPSO’s hull). 3. deployed with ROV.


  • A steady magnetic field is created by the PEC probe transmitter coils
  • The time duration of this magnetic field is function of the object material thickness
  • This magnetic field is suddenly “switch-off” once uniform within the object material
  • Now Pulsed Eddy Currents are generated in the object material to oppose to the magnetisation change
  • These Pulse Eddy Currents diffuse until they hit the back wall and then rapidly disappear.
  • The time (τ) Pulsed Eddy Currents hit the back wall is function to the object Average Wall Thickness (AWT) and its electromagnetic properties (μσ). The PEC signal is recorded by the PEC probe receiver.


  • Object wall thickness range from 2mm to 70mm
  • Object insulation thickness up to 200mm
  • Object temperature up to 500°C
  • Pipe diameter larger than 2”
  • Accuracy 95% to the reference value (i.e. measurement deviation +/- 5% to reference value)
  • Repeatability 98% (i.e. measurement deviation +/- 2% to reference value)
  • Operate in a large environmental temperature range from -20ºC up to 55ºC
  • Able to operate in humidity environments and be water splash proof (IP65)
  • Cost benefits of dedicated probes for each specific application
  • Robustness: No moving parts
  • Battery Power Operated


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