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Sonaca Montréal

Sonaca Group is an aerospace company active in aerostructure (Design & Build and Build to Print), services, innovation, space and defense.



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Sonaca Group is an aerospace company active in aerostructure (Design & Build and Build to Print), services, innovation, space and defense. Sonaca Group has one-stop shops and integrated teams of design and industrial professionals who can provide responsive solutions tailored to customers'​ needs. Sonaca Group can offer the best price combination with the latest automation technologies, low cost country manufacturing facilities and worldwide engineering offices.

Year after year, Sonaca Group is recognized by its customers as "best-in-class"​ for quality and delivery performance of reliable industrial solutions. Thanks to its global footprint, Sonaca Group is close to customers, accompanying them from early design stages to in-service support, focusing on reducing overall costs. Sonaca Group is founded on bringing together two strong companies: LMI Aerospace and Sonaca.

Products & Services
Services Lines

Advanced Structures & Systems

  • End-to-end Mechanical design, from concepts to detailed design
  • Embedded systems development and integration
  • Re-engineering for weight saving or cost reduction
  • Advanced numerical simulations (virtual testing)
  • Thermal Engineering & CFD

Material & Process Expertise

  • Technical assessment of new metal / composite materials and technologies
  • End-to-end qualification of materials and processes
  • Special products development and procurement

Prototypes & Tests Center

  • Mechanical and structural tests (coupon, sub-component to full scale)
  • Development & Certification tests
  • Pre-series & prototype manufacturing

Tooling & Manufacture Engineering

  • Industrialization support to reach full industrial scale
  • Tooling design and manufacturing
  • NC programming for machined parts & automated assembly
  • Manufacturing support (integration & optimization)
  • Proven & Pragmatic Lean

Effective Project management

  • Professional integrated project / program management
  • PMO Pragmatic methods, Customized tools & training/coaching
  • Large / complex projects planning & control

Digital Enterprise Transformation

  • High Tech Industrial PLM expertise
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Augmented reality in shop floor

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