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Socomate International

Socomate International is your OEM partner providing both conventional and phased array UT electronics for automated inspections systems.



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Socomate International is your OEM partner providing both conventional and phased array UT electronics for automated inspections systems. Based near Paris, Socomate has been providing Ultrasonic instrumentation to research, academic and Industrial users since 1977.

Since 2001 Socomate International supplies its state of the art worldwide patented FAAST technology in order to meet its partners’ most demanding requirements.

Doing business in more than 20 countries, the company’s strengths lie in its capacity to support its clients everywhere around the world.

Socomate greatest challenge was to develop a short range of products able to cover more than 90% of in-line ultrasonic applications, combine high performance state-of-the-art technology with a modular approach to system design easy to maintain, satisfy needs from single to multiple channel, and perform the more severe Standards and Approvals such as European, Rolls Royce, General Electric, Russian (GOST), Chinese, Nuclear......

Products & Services

Socomate International is not only a standard UT electronic supplier; we are devoted to our worldwide customers. 

To ensure the best support possible we have created a global service system around our products in order to assist our partners and customers every day when they need us.

Our UT electronics are often used on production line where stopping the line for a long time is not an option. Therefore our Support department is very reactive and will never let you down when facing urgent issues.

Thereafter, you will find a not exhaustive list of services that we are proud to provide:


  • Daily service by phone or email (Commercial, Technical, Support on DLL and API Software)
  • High reactivity on supporting our customers, with for example fast maintenance on site
  • Emergency help whith a remote access to systems in order to solve issues quickly


  • On-site trials in your facilities everywhere in the world
  • On-site trainings in your facilities
  • Joint booth for local exhibitions


  • From 5 to 40 years experience engineers to support you
  • Training on DLL, and/or API Software for: Conventional UT – Phased array UT - FAAST Phased Array UT
  • Feasibility studies in our laboratory run by our PHD and Level III
Phased Array

FAAST-PA is a Phased Array instrument (PAUT) which is much more powerful than any conventional phased array electronic.

Thanks to its sinusoidal pulser and its real time data processing software, the FAAST has the capability to transmit multiple sound beams, multi-oriented and/or multi-focused, using multi-element probes with only one single shot, and then to process signals received from all beams in real time.

This patented technology (WO 03029808) revolutionizes the NDT field when speaking about UT inspection thanks to its high speed testing capabilities, as it is able to replace several conventional Phased Array systems running in parallel. It offers even more than speed as it also reduces the number of phased array probes, mechanical parts, maintenance and calibration time.

The FAAST technology can be applied to any type of application (tubes, bars, plates, aircraft components, railroad, etc…), on different materials (Titanium, Aluminium, Steel, Special Alloy, Copper, Composites, etc…) and in any industries.

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