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SIUI(Shantou Institute of Ultrasonic Instruments Co., Ltd.)

Shantou Institute of Ultrasonic Instruments Co., Ltd.(SIUI) is an ISO-certified company and has been dedicated to R&D, manufacture, and sales of Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors for more than 40 years.

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SIUI has a State Certified Corporate Technology Center, the only one in China's ultrasound industry. A number of R&D talents, and experts entitled to State Council Special Allowance work here. Over 60% of the staffs have engineering and technical background. The quality human resource provides reliable support for sustainable growth of SIUI.

In terms of scientific research and development, SIUI is equipped with advanced R&D equipment and software development environment.SIUI insists to technology innovation, self development and co-development, fully control of core technologies. SIUI has set up R&D facility in the US, worked with famous higher education facilities such as Tsinghua University, University of Electronic Science and Technology and Harbin Institute of Technology, as well as well-known hi-tech companies, continuously making breakthrough in technical field. 

SIUI has the biggest manufacture base of ultrasound instruments in China with multiple advanced SMT lines, transducer and machining production lines, a large number of experienced production and engineering technicians and mature logistics at home and abroad.

Currently SIUI’s annual production capability is up to 8,000 main units and 20,000 transducers for medical ultrasound, and 20,000 main units and 100,000 transducers for UT products, the leading manufacturer of the industry in China. SIUI is therefore certified as one of Top 50 Guangdong Equipment Manufacturers.

Aiming at high processing precision and sophisticated manufacture technique of medical and non-destructive testing ultrasound systems, SIUI persists in in-house manufacture of main components such as PCBs and transducers and crucial procedures, which plays a key role in product quality assurance, system integration and product anti-interference. 

Quality Control

SIUI is the first company in China’s ultrasound industry that was certified by ISO 9001, FDA and CE. The quality management system keeps improving, and the management flow tends to be more reasonable and mature, which is an assurance to standardized procedures in R&D, procurement, manufacture, delivery, sales and service.

In accordance with SIUI's quality policy "Be Innovative in Imaging Technology; Be Dedicative in Quality Management; Be Faithful in Customer Service", SIUI employees have been endowed with the philosophy of Quality First through professional training and corporate culture. 

Components are sourced worldwide and purchased based on the principle of selecting the best qualified. All the suppliers are recognized, and all the components are proved qualified through testing, a guarantee to product component performance.

SIUI has set up environmental chambers at international level. All the finished products shall undergo burn-in tests for 72 hours continuously in the environmental chambers before delivery, assuring system operation properly even in severe conditions.

Products & Services

SyncScan 2 is a high-end ultrasonic flaw detector with PA32:128PR and 2-channel TOFD, which can maximize your efficiency for PA and TOFD.


  • High IP rate: IP 65
  • Light weight: 4kg only including battery.
  • 8.4" LCD with resolution 800×600 pixels.
  • Working temperature: -10℃~45℃
  • Faster scan speed.
  • Removable electric fan: cool down the system when it works in high temperature.
  • Support PA/TOFD/UT, suitable for weld, forging and plate inspection.
  • 32-channel PA is more suitable for inspection on extra-thick wall and high-damping material.
  • 32-channel PA and 2-channel TOFD work simultaneously, focusing on pressure vessel inspection.
  • Support PR mode, focusing on pipe corrosion inspection when connect with high-end twin-crystal PA probe.
  • System ports: encoder, VGA, standard SD card, USB 2.0/3.0.
  • Probe ports: 4 ports for UT/TOFD probe, 1 port for phased array probe.


Third-generation Phased Array flaw detector from SIUI SyncScan incorporates the latest advancements in high-performance Phased ArrayTOFDand high end thickness measurement functions into one compact unit.

SyncScan can minimize your cost for Phased Array and TOFD inspection.

  • IP rate: IP65
  • Light Weight: 3.75 kg with battery
  • Large touch screen: 8.4" LCD with resolution 800×600 pixels
  • Upgradeable from conventional UT to phased arrayTOFD thickness measurement with powerful & complete optional software functions.


  • One-hand Operation
  • Smart Test Wizard
  • Weld Simulation
  • Advanced Conventional UT & Thickness Measurement


● High IP rate: IP 66
● Compact size: 198 (W)* 128 (H) *520 (D) mm
● Light weight: 0.9kg only, including battery
● 5.7" LCD with high resolution 640×480 pixels
● Adjustable pulse width, negative square wave transmission is up to 350V.
● Operating frequency range: 0.5~20MHz, multiple steps of wide broadband and narrow-band for selection.
● Easy operation: only a few buttons, well-defined intuitive interface, support right-hand and left-hand operation, outdoor mode.
● Multiple conventional UT functions
-Weld, plate and forging test wizards are available, which can guide users to perform setup easily and improve inspection speed.
-Peak memory, DAC curve, AGC (auto gain control), video record makes convenient and efficient flaw inspection.
-Optional functions such as B-scan, TCG, probe spectral analysis, CSC (curved surface correction), weld simulation, crack height measurement are available.
-Featured with AWS D1.1/D1.5 and API 5UE evaluation standards.
● Multiple thickness measurement functions
-Standard A-scan thickness measurement(through coating measurement, echo to echo mode)
-Auto-search, velocity measurement, alarm and dataset management are available.
-Optional functions: coat thickness measurement, B-scan, multi-layer measurement, V-PATH, TDG and temperature compensation.
● -System ports: encoder, VGA, standard SD card, USB
● EN12668-1: 2010(for UT) & EN15317-2007(for TG) compliant 

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