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Shaw Pipeline Services

The experience gained in over 3 decades of pipeline inspection has allowed SPS to grow equipment and personnel pools of the highest standard, serving clients across the globe.


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The experience gained in over 3 decades of pipeline inspection has allowed SPS to grow equipment and personnel pools of the highest standard, serving clients across the globe.

The focus of Shaw Pipeline Services is to build key strategic relationships to allow effective and efficient development of projects from award through to completion. With a research and development team continuing to improve the methods and techniques, no project is too small, large or challenging.

Whether working to industry-wide specifications or client-specific criteria, Shaw Pipeline Services has the knowledge and experience to help make your pipeline installation project successful.

Products & Services
Automated Ultrasonic Testing

Revolutionizing Industry Standards: the Unmatched Benefits of AUT

Choosing proven AUT over conventional NDT methods offers many benefits. Here’s a look at just some of them.

Enhanced Safety & Environmental Practices

Decreased On-Site Personnel:

With the advantage of cloud access and digital transfer, certain tasks can be executed remotely. The reduced number of people on the ground reduces potential safety risks.

Lower Carbon Footprint:

With less need for travelling to the site, carbon emissions are reduced, making your operations greener and more sustainable.

Robust Risk Management:

Shaw Pipeline Services' comprehensive safety audits and risk assessments ensure that every project upholds the highest HSE standards.

Meet Production Requirements

Detailed Planning:

Every operation begins with a thorough plan. With detailed documentation of technologies, equipment, and resources, our AUT services ensure everyone's on the same page before the project starts.

Established Credibility:

Shaw Pipeline Services' stringent DNV and operator qualification processes have earned us a reputation as a trusted technology partner, known for delivering consistent success.

Sustained Production Pace:

AUT ensures that the production rate remains steady and reliable, making weld inspection a seamless part of the process rather than a stumbling block.

Maximized Operational Time:

Shaw Pipeline Services' industry-leading maintenance strategies decrease equipment failures in the field, preventing downtime and equipment failures.

Digital Radiography

High Definition Real Time Radiography

An invaluable tool, Digital Radiography allows non-invasive inspection of pipeline welds, corrosion points, and potential defects at an unparalleled resolution.

The high-definition images captured can reveal minute inconsistencies that might escape traditional inspection methods, aiding in the early detection of potential failures.

As a result, HDRTR is not only enhancing the safety and reliability of pipeline systems but is also proving cost-effective by reducing the frequency of unscheduled maintenance and the risks of environmental spills or accidents.

Efficient and Sustainable Imaging

Digital Radiography stands out as a leading modern imaging solution, emphasizing efficiency, versatility, and sustainability. 

Revolutionizing the inspection process with high-quality image capture and digital conversion, it works in diverse applications from weld assessments to valve inspections. 

Its eco-friendly, and safe nature positions it as the future of industry radiographic analysis. 

Meeting both quality assurance and efficiency requirements, Digital Radiography propels the industry into a new era of precision and sustainability.

Conventional NDT

Our Conventional NDT Methods

If you’re looking for conventional NDT, we have a large range of methods at our disposal. Some of our conventional NDT methods include:

Manual Ultrasonic Testing

Manual Ultrasonic Testing uses high-frequency sound waves to detect defects, measure material thickness, and evaluate the condition of internal structures.

Commonly employed to assess welds on pipelines, storage tanks, and pressure vessels, it detects flaws like cracks, voids, or porosity ensuring weld integrity.

Our Manual Ultrasonic Testing capabilities include:

  • Ultrasonic TOFD (Time of Flight Diffraction)
  • SPS Guided Wave (Short-Range)
  • Phased-Array Ultrasonics

Mechanical Integrity Services

Mechanical integrity programs initially addressed corrosion using inspection intervals set by API 510, 570, and 653 codes. These programs were initially adopted to meet federal requirements rather than for their inherent business value.

Yet, as industries faced equipment failures, unreliable operations, and elevated maintenance costs, the importance of robust mechanical integrity programs became evident.

Key Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Mechanical Integrity program development
  • Expert program management with MI software setup
  • Standardized reports for API compliance and customizable formats
  • Inspection & Test Plans with checklist verification
  • On-site support with immediate reporting
  • Asset Integrity assessments with continuous monitoring
  • Accurate determination of Corrosion Rates
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