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The name sentin is derived from the Latin word sentire, which means recognize or perceive.



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The name sentin is derived from the Latin word sentire, which means recognize or perceive. That is why we were born to face modern challenges of the industry with precise and groundbreaking solutions. Our fascination lies in finding the most comfortable and robust solution for our customers. Our products stand for reliability, but also for progress.

The story of sentin began in the German Ruhr Area, a location rich in tradition but very modern. With our headquarters in Bochum, we became part of an excellent network of industry and science. Over time, our solutions from here have inspired various companies. No matter if progressive small company or internationally operating major customer.

We enable our partners to remain market leaders and work more efficiently in a wide range of industries. We see it as our duty to transform complex technologies into measurable success. This is why companies worldwide appreciate the quality of our products.

Products & Services
Development Project

Off-the-shelf AI solutions are rather rare for industrial applications. We therefore offer you as an AI service to train a model for your use case. 

Our competent developers and integration experts advise and support you with

  • Hardware setup with our partners
  • Data acquisition and annotation
  • Dataset preparation
  • AI model training
  • AI model validation
  • Integration
  • Monitoring
  • Updates
  • and more

The following table shows different AI and inspector types as well as their associated efforts and properties. We help you to choose the right AI type and develop a first model for use in sentin EXPLORER.

Training & Seminars for Executives

Who is this course for?

The content of our training courses is aimed specifically at managers and process owners in Testing, Inspection & Certifcation (TIC) industry  – whether they are board members, managing directors, production managers, department/team leaders or other managers.

For General Trainings:

you do not need any prior knowledge of AI or in-depth technical understanding. This can serve as a basis for further technical training, for example.

For Technical Trainings: 

you only need basic knowledge of digitization. However, these can also be worked out together beforehand.

What is included in the seminar?

We offer various workshop & seminar formats based on your prior knowledge and concrete use cases.

Content General Trainings:

  • Basics Digitalization & Industry 4.0
  • Basics Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
  • Technologies of Industry 4.0
  • Practical application examples
  • Basics Return-On-Invest Consideration of new technologies

Content Technical Trainings:

  • Feeback on ideas/processes
  • Development of new concepts in your company
  • Requirements for software and hardware as well as data
  • Development and integration concepts
  • Developing effort estimates & decision templates
  • Business model & return-on-investment calculation using your example

sentin EXPLORER already offers many different tools and interfaces, but to enable you to optimize your inspection processes in a customized manner, we offer various individual services. Whether you are just starting your digital processes or you already have partial solutions, we will pick you up where you are so that you can do your inspections more efficiently and future-proof.

  • Planning & implementation of your digital solution
  • Development of individual workflows / interfaces
  • Development of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Hardware and Software Setup / Enterprise Integration
  • Digitization of archive and reports
  • Independent evaluation software
  • Innovative tools for NDT and others
  • Supports work with artificial intelligence
  • Allows access to your archives, databases & cloud
  • Modular and customizable

Our clients can

multiply their revenue & margins.

Inspections are required in a wide range of industries, from heavy industry to e-mobility. The main focus here is on non-destructive testing, which not only prevents quality fluctuations and complaints, but also ensures the necessary level of safety. Unfortunately, the test results are not always clear. That is why more than one pair of eyes usually checks whether everything is going right, or one gets a second opinion from a colleague.

But it is exactly this process that quickly becomes a bottleneck in many companies, because often both testing staff and inspection service companies are working at extremely high capacity.

Therefore, we offer our customers software solutions with which they can automate or improve their inspection processes. We believe that an evaluation by a computer – whether alone or as an assistance system – can increase the safety, accuracy and speed of the evaluation.

How fast can you count the porosities?

A human alone takes about 10-15 seconds. With a computer it takes less than a second.

Can you imagine the speed up if the complete image evaluation takes a human 10 minutes?

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