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Senseven GmbH

Senseven was founded in 2021 and is dedicated to make industrial inspections more efficient and easier with the help of digitalization and AI.

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Senseven was founded in 2021 and is dedicated to make industrial inspections more efficient and easier with the help of digitalization and AI. The company has developed a new way of nondestructive equipment testing by transforming smartphones into smart and mobile inspection solutions. It offers an easy, software guided inspection tool based on acoustic emission which automatically interprets sensor signals and provides the user with immediate results on site with the help of algorithms and AI. Senseven is a pioneer in the field and the first in the market who applies today’s digital capabilities to an inspection system.  That allows customers to perform inspections inhouse, save time and costs and increase their productivity.

Products & Services
Valve Sense for hazardous areas

Valve Sense is the first  smart and mobile inspection system for leak detection in valves and now also available for Ex-zones. The software-based inspection system builds on the well established method of acoustic emission. The digital solution combines high-quality acoustic emission sensors with innovative smartphones for Ex and non-Ex areas which are equipped with the Senseven software. Both versions use high-quality processors for fast data handling, are easy to use due to the intuitive software, automatically detect leaks and offer a structured data management.

Valve Sense for Ex Zones

Valve Sense for Ex Zones - available from Q3 2023

Your mobile inspection system for leak detection in valves in hazardous areas. Reach out to us for more information or a live demo.

Scope of delivery

Our smart inspection system is delivered in a hard product shell case consisting of:

  • MOBILE Smartphone IS540.1
  • Measuring technology
  • Acoustic emission sensors
  • A wave guide for hot and cold surfaces
  • The Senseven App: Enables inspection of valves for internal leakage, including an Expert Suite for live view of RMS and db values as well as live audio
  • Senseven Backoffice for the structured storage of all measurement data, automated reporting and further analysis
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