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Samsonic Instruments

The company is managed by metallurgical & mechanical engineer having 10 years of field experience in NDT & Inspection.



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The company is managed by a metallurgical & mechanical engineer having 10 years of field experience in NDT and inspection.

At Samruddhi they constantly endeavor to support and fulfill their customers’ varied testing and inspection needs and firmly believe in offering complete solutions. The objective of the company is to provide a “one –stop shop’ for world-class products & services in the area of NDT & other testing equipment. By its focus, core competencies, a committed team of professionals, and its unremitting quest for perfection, they are fully geared to meet the challenges of the future.

Samsonic Instruments products meet the discerning requirements of its innumerable customers across the country.

Support: The company is supported by its sister concern Preci – Tech Industries, an ISO 9001 certified CNC workshop. Precitech Industries is 15 years 15-year-old company that manufactures precision engineering parts for domestic as well as Global markets.

Precitech has a corporate customer base.

Precitech is supporting Samruddhi Industries by providing machining of parts & components used for manufacturing NDT instruments & equipment more details see our product page.

Extensively used in pharmaceutical, engineering, automobile industries, laboratory, and foundries, these industrial testing and inspection instruments are designed to perfection and renders accurate results.

Products & Services
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge SAMSONIC

Item Code: Utg-444 specification:- · Transducer : φ10mm 4. 0 mhz transducer · Display : 4-digital lcd display · Minimum display unit: 0. 1mm · Working frequency : 5 mhz · Measuring range : 1. 2 to 220mm(steel) · Minimum limit for tube measuring : 20 * 3mm(steel) · Accuracy: ± (1% h + 0. 

Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Item Code: Utg-555 specification:- · Display: 4-digital LCD · Minimum display unit: 0. 1mm · Working frequency: 5 MHz · Measuring range: 1. 2 to 225. 0mm(steel) · Minimum limit for tube measuring : φ 20 * 3mm(steel) · Accuracy: ± (1% h + 0. 1) mm, h denotes the measured

Concrete Thickness Gauge

Item Code: TC300 Features: Brief Introduction: TC300 is used for measuring the thickness of nonmetallic plate indirectly, especially for concrete slab. This gauge is to measure the concrete slab thickness mainly by using distribution characteristics of electromagnetic field and possesses functions of thickness measurement, data analysis, data storage & output etc. 

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