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RX Solutions is a highly innovative French company specialising in manufacturing and selling complete X-ray imaging systems. RX Solutions X-ray and CT systems are widely used for industrial and research applications as well as recognized for their high precision and innovative technology.

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RX Solutions is a highly innovative French company specialising in manufacturing and selling complete X-ray imaging systems. RX Solutions X-ray and CT (Computed Tomography) systems are widely used for industrial and research applications and are recognized for their high precision and innovative technology.

Whether for quality control, examination of a component or solving design problems, customers are both manufacturers from all sectors or laboratories and research centres. His particular expertise is recognized in plastic injection, electronics, automotive, watches, aerospace, biomedical, oil and gas.

RX Solutions designs, manufactures and supports one of the broadest range of high-performance CT systems, from micro to nanoscale analyses. This product portfolio covers all industrial applications such as R&D, failure analysis, quality control, dimensional measurements, metrology and more. Our CT systems are of the highest quality and allow us to inspect both the external and internal structures of a part or object in a non-destructive way.

RX Solutions CT systems are very easy to operate to fit the specific customer’s requirements perfectly.

Products & Services

EasyTom S delivers levels of image quality that enable precise inspections and measurements, coupled with unprecedented ease of use. The EasyTom S integrates the “X-Act” software suite which simplifies data acquisition and improves 3D volume reconstruction results thanks to advanced correction algorithms.

Thanks to the EasyTom S, a simple scan allows you to see through your parts: internal/external structures, defects, porosities... visualize, measure and analyze any type of sample. 

Guided by innovation, EasyTom S is a system that continually evolves thanks to improvements made by our development teams.

Make the right decisions with the EasyTom S from RX Solutions.

With the EasyTom S from RX Solutions, internal defects can be easily detected and quantified in your laboratory. Used in many sectors, from academic research to industry, EasyTom S helps shorten the product development cycle in R&D, accelerate failure analysis and improve the quality and control of production processes.

The EasyTom S system meets all your applications: from material analysis to geometry and metrology applications, a compact but powerful X-ray system for all stages of the product life cycle.


Compact and versatile Industrial X-ray Tomography System

The EasyTom L has been designed to meet the requirements of various 3D imaging applications in the industrial and academic sectors. From materials research to R&D applications, from production to quality control, the EasyTom L is positioned at all stages of the life cycle of a part. The EasyTom L has been sized to fit through standard doors so it can be easily installed in your laboratory or on your production site while offering a large scanning volume and great versatility.

No compromise: Combine Micro & Nano Tomography in one machine

The EasyTom L stands out for its configuration allowing the installation of a dual generator, combining high-energy microfocus and nano-focus. This gives the machine increased versatility, moving from scanning large parts to very high-resolution analyses, with a resolution of up to 0.4 µm. With the possibility of subsequently adding a second tube, or additional imagers, the EasyTom L tomography system offers significant flexibility to manufacturers and academics and adapts to your future needs.

X-Act, the RX Solutions software for Control, Acquisition and Reconstruction of scans.

Our proprietary “X-Act” software continues to evolve and offer new features, setting new standards in processing power and offering unrivalled image quality for our entire range of RX Solutions tomographs.

With the EasyTom L, immerse yourself in an optimized tomography experience. Our software not only simplifies data acquisition but also the reconstruction phase thanks to advanced correction algorithms. “X-Act” offers complete automation, from acquisition to post-processing, optimizing every step of the process.

Designed To Meet Industrial Requirements

The EasyTom L was designed to support manufacturers throughout all the life cycles of a product. From prototyping to after-sales service, without compromise thanks to numerous optimizations and functionalities essential for your success.

Quick Scans:

If we often say that time is money, this is even more true in an industrial chain. This is why our tomograph offers 14 different scan modes allowing scans of exceptional speed and quality to adapt to your needs.

Intuitive Operator Interface and Automation:

The operator interface via our X-Act software is intuitive and provides an optimized user experience, making it easy to navigate through the machine's advanced features. You can thus control and automate your scans and processes with ease, saving time and better inspection, both in the prototyping phase and in the quality control phase.

Sample Loader, Automatic Filter Changer and Motorized Doors:

If you have many parts to scan and repeatability is an essential criterion for you, then the sample feeder combined with the automatic filter changer will be of great assistance to you to launch many scans in one go and then let the system scan autonomously. In addition, the large motorized doors of the EasyTom L allow smooth and efficient robotic loading.

Coupling the sample loader to a robotic arm ensures continuous, high-quality scans, thus increasing productivity, while ensuring precise handling.

High energy micro-fireplace 300 kv:

With the EasyTom L, you can use a high-energy microfocus tube up to 300 kv to inspect denser and thicker elements, ensuring ray penetration and exceptional resolution down to 4µm! Ideal for the foundry, automotive and aerospace sectors.

Granite Base, Dimensional Control and High-End Components:

The granite base offers incomparable structural stability, guaranteeing reliable and precise results with each use, allowing dimensional control via X-ray of your parts in all conditions.

Built-in premium components ensure consistent performance and long-term reliability, meeting the highest industry standards.

Large Scan Volume and Thermal Regulation:

With a large scan volume for a compact system, the EasyTom L can scan parts of significant size. Thermal regulation ensures optimal conditions, eliminating any negative impact on the quality of scans, even during inspections of large parts requiring several hours of acquisition.

Robust, Reliable, Reduced Maintenance:

Designed for exceptional durability and numerous inspection cycles, our tomograph is both robust and reliable, requiring minimal maintenance. In addition, thanks to our maintenance offers, you can ensure that the software is always up to date and, above all, anticipate component changes, thus avoiding any forced shutdown of your tomograph.


Industrial X-ray Tomography System Micro & Nano foci

The EasyTom XL X-ray tomograph is the largest in-cab equipment in our range. Its large scan volume allows very large objects to be precisely inspected. Both efficient and modular, the EasyTom XL system is designed to meet the most demanding 3D imaging applications, ranging from materials research to industrial applications in R&D, quality assurance and production. With this new equipment, it is now possible to visualize, measure and analyze in high-resolution large components or assemblies up to 600 mm in diameter and 720 mm in height.

No compromise: Combine High-Resolution Micro & Nano Tomography

The EasyTom XL is the only cabin that allows you to combine a high-resolution and high-power X-ray source: Nano focus 160 kV & Microfocus 230 kV. The EasyTom XL's ability to accommodate a 230 kV source provides the ability to inspect denser and thicker samples. With a resolution of up to 0.4 µm) and multiple choices of generators and detectors, the EasyTom XL tomography system allows you to adjust the contrast and brightness needed to produce high-quality X-ray images, making it easy to observation of the finest details even at low energy.

A flexible X-ray inspection system

The wide opening of the front door facilitates access to the rotation stage and simplifies the installation of the sample. Precision mechanics, made up of 9 axes, allows scans of samples weighing up to 80 kg to be carried out at high resolution and ensures the long-term stability of the equipment. This greater flexibility in positioning the parts and the adjustable distance between the source and the detector allow easier, faster and better quality acquisitions. The imager and tube can be moved, allowing even larger parts to be inspected.

Powerful Control, Acquisition and Reconstruction software

The proprietary “X-Act” software provides incomparable processing power and image quality for the entire range of tomographs offered by RX Solutions. The EasyTom S integrates the complete “X-Act” software suite, which simplifies data acquisition and improves reconstruction thanks to advanced correction algorithms. “X-Act” also makes it possible to automate all steps, from acquisition to post-processing, including reconstruction.

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