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Roop Ultrasonix Ltd.

RTUL is a leader in the design, development, manufacture, and marketing of a wide range of ultrasonic machines


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RTUL, a joint venture with Telsonic AG Switzerland is a leader in design, development, manufacture and marketing of a wide range of ultrasonic machines for ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic sieving, ultrasonic non-destructive testing, ultrasonic sonochemistry, ultrasonic Fabric cut and seal,  and specialized applications. The company has established itself as a high-tech firm, specializing in production, research and developments in the area of ultrasonic.

We understand the importance of quality. Hence our prime priority is to take the utmost care when developing, designing and manufacturing our products. We have most modern manufacturing facilities at Gandhinagar (Gujarat) and Mumbai, with a well-equipped application lab, tool room and machine shop, sophisticated testing and design center and a high-tech laboratory with sophisticated measuring instruments.

Users are guaranteed the highest level of quality, reliability and safety when using RTUL products.

RTUL’s business has grown exponentially in the past decade on the basis of our high quality and reliable products together with our reputation for fast, efficient back up service and support. Our highly skilled engineering team will be pleased to answer any technical or application questions.


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