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We manufacture advanced NDT solutions for Service Suppliers and Asset Owners in the petrochemical, nuclear, cement, steel, sugar, paper industries.

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Magnetic crawlers for inspection and corrosion detection.

ROBOPLANET is a french manufacturer of remote UT equipments (pole, crawler, drone, etc) driven by a culture of technical excellence & customer care.

In a nutshell, the company work in close partnership with leading inspection companies and asset owners, to enhance the standards of a control method.

ROBOPLANET devices are used in various industries including oil & gas, nuclear, aeronautical, maritime, drinkable water, paper.

Our persistent focus is to provide cutting-edge solutions for inspection cases combining hard-to-access interventions and automated UT.

ROBOPLANET Custom Robotics Lab is awarded 2 or 3 rewards per year for its innovations.

Products & Services
Wall thickness measurement crawler
  • Rainproof, windproof, high resistance crawler
  • Light and transportable by a single man
  • Automatized Wall Thickness Measuring with high signal-on-noise ratio

ALTISCAN is a magnetic crawler available since 2015, constantly upgraded in close partnership with its owners, leading NDT companies.

ALTISCAN brings to field controllers:

  • Safer interventions and slippage/fall prevention
  • Enhanced reliability measurements on hard surfaces
  • Productive interventions with the fastest crawler available


This crawler is a lightweight (7 kgs/15.4 lb) and fast12m (40ft/minute) device, designed to hold safely to the surfaces even in hard weather conditions (rain, wind, sun) or deteriorated surfaces (grease & dust).

To ensure an additional confort for the controller, the on-purpose software processes and record all A-scan by itself, with an automated backwall echoes detection, gain control, filtering, etc.


After 5 years of operations in any weather conditions, from the heavy rain to the desert heats, ALTISCAN has been permanently adapted to ensure the continuity of the interventions far from the office.


At a 12m/minute normal acquisition speed, combined with its trustful patented magnetics, ALTISCAN ensure the controller a relieving experience of controlling dozens of vertical lines in a day.

The current record of continuous B-scans on a crude oil storage tank with an ALTISCAN is at 1.3 kilometers in a single day.

the Related to an easy-to-use software, DATASCAN includes A-scan and B-scan versions, include dynamic positioning, real-time A-scan & B-scan display and the record of 100% of the A-scan signals.

Back from the field, the DATAREPORT custom software offers an automated report generator, with minimum, average and maximum thickness detection per plate.


Storage tanks, spheres, ship hulls, columns, pipes...

More details & datasheet here.


ROBOPLANET provide a 20+ years experience of custom robotics to develop the solution you’ve been dreaming of.

In the 10 last years, 15 types of robots & inspection systems have been designed and deployed on the field. 

All of them were conceived in a close partnership with key customers.

Industrial leading companies, (TOTAL, LAFARGE, TEREOS), shipyards (STX, NAVAL GROUP), and service suppliers have successfully challenged ROBOPLANET to conceive, prototype, industrialize and deploy on site some brand new solutions for their daily activities.

Come and initiate the conception by following this link.

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