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RGK Resources Pty Ltd

RGK Resources was established in 2019 and is proudly an Australian-owned & operated entity that operates within the inspection, maintenance and rope access services industry.



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RGK Resources was established in 2019 and is proudly an Australian-owned & operated entity that operates within the inspection, maintenance and rope access services industry. We have a strong focus on providing our clients with customized inspection techniques and follow-up refurbishment to suit their individual needs. Our services supply the local metropolitan areas as well as remote regions and locations both onshore & offshore.

Although a relatively new organisation, RGK Management has over 60 years of combined Inspection and Plant Maintenance experience within the industry and has personally been involved with the consultation and management of major construction projects and maintenance campaigns throughout Australia & the UK. We currently hold our NATA ISO17025 and ISO9001 Quality certifications and are progressing with the acquisition of additional accreditation.

Products & Services
Inspection & Non-Destructive Testing

Inspection and non-destructive Testing actively aid in reducing risk whilst increasing the efficiency of operating plant & equipment as well as ensuring the safety of the people operating and working within the vicinity of assets. Our experienced inspectors & NDT Technicians can work with you to ensure industry compliance with code, statutory regulations and legislative requirements are met. We can inspect buried lines, live piping and operating vessels without the need to isolate or shut down whilst in production.

Incorporating inspection and non-destructive testing into the lead-up to planned outages to assess current conditions to reduce unplanned outage times aids in adequately planning for required remediation work scopes. Construction & welding compliance is also applicable to our skillset and company accreditation.

Environmental consideration is also another justification to perform inspection & non-destructive testing to avoid such environmental incidents from such causes as (bursts, explosions, leaks & spills) which can cause damage to the environment. We can have a proactive approach and use inspection data to prevent incidents from occurring that could result in possible loss of mining or operating license.

Advanced Methods

AICIP/API Inspection, Borescope, Corrosion Mapping, Eddy Current Array and pulsed, Digital & Real Time Radiography, Long & Short Range Ultrasonics, Phased Array Ultrasonics, Tank Crawler Inspection, Time of Flight Diffraction, Vacuum Box Leak Testing & Vessel Tube Inspection.

Conventional Methods

Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant, Eddy Current, Positive Material Identification, Radiography, Ultrasonics & Visual Inspection.

In-Service Inspection

ISI is the ongoing and routine planned maintenance inspections to ensure the safe operation of plant & equipment. All engineered equipment has a finite life cycle and deteriorates over time with use especially if there are harsh environmental conditions in which it operates. RGK provide comprehensive in-service inspection services across a range of industries to assist our clients with their asset integrity management.

Risk Based Inspection

RBI is a customised ongoing inspection strategy that is tailored to the requirements and conditions of the plant and equipment in use. Our experienced API & AICIP inspectors will gather extensive data on the asset's operating history & conditions to apply strategic inspection methodology practices that relate to the known condition of the asset.

Pipeline Inspection

Pipeline condition monitoring is critical given the severe consequences and environmental damage that can result from loss of containment. Whether slurry lines or high-pressure gas RGK can assist with developing baseline surveys and ongoing inspection techniques to evaluate changes in piping conditions.

Tank & Vessel Inspection

High-volume storage and under-pressure elements pose a significant risk if monitoring and regular inspection methodologies are not scheduled. RGK can assist with ensuring statutory inspection requirements are met and that anomalies or problematic issues are identified and measured.

Rope Access Services

Rope access is a form of work positioning which applies practical ropework to allow workers to access difficult-to-reach locations without the use of scaffolding, cradles or an aerial work platform.

Rope access technicians descend, ascend, and traverse ropes for access and work while suspended by their harnesses.

Specialised restrictive access is an innovative solution that can be integrated into inspection & maintenance services which allows for increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Inspection & Non-Destructive Testing at Height

Routine inspections and previously inaccessible locations are now achievable through the use of rope access. Locations including but not limited to cargo tanks, chimneys, chutes, crane booms, pipe racks, stacks, vessels & water ballast tanks can now be accessed and included in regular and ongoing Risk Based Inspection campaigns.

Pipe Coating Repairs

Insitu coating mitigation & repairs on live lines through the application of Composite Wrapping, Humidur, Rapp-it & Stopaq application assists in corrosion mitigation and extension of plant & equipment life duration.

Potential Dropped Object Surveys

The survey and immediate removal if possible of high potential dropped objects. Whether a legacy from previous work fronts or corroded items becoming a potential dropped object at height, removal of these hazards is a strategy to aid in providing a safe work place for personnel and avoidance of damage to plant & equipment.

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