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Revo Group Pty Ltd

At Revo Group, we are specialists asset inspectors that offer a variety of services to electrical utilities, mines, councils, oil & gas producers, private land owners, and other asset owners.



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We are focused on creating a revolution in reliability.

At Revo Group, we are specialists asset inspectors that offer a variety of services to electrical utilities, mines, councils, oil & gas producers, private land owners, and other asset owners. Leveraging our quality people, modern concepts, the right technology, and reliable assessments to provide solutions for design, planning, asset management, emergency response, and visual & NDT inspections.

Revo Group has built a strong reputation with customers for safety, quality and dependability in Australia, New Zealand, and SE Asia. We have built our approach around the idea of delivering customers with a full system review. This involves modern and traditional inspection techniques, material inspection and assessment, calibration of design and inspection rules, and risk-based rules using engineering principles.

Products & Services
Rail Inspection Services

Are you looking for a way to improve your inspection process for your rail assets currently in use? Or do you have a new rail infrastructure project that needs fast and accurate inspection results? From rail welds to residual stress in wheels, locomotives and rolling stock components to turn outs, there are many rail assets that need to be managed and tested.

Revo Group offers a range of inspection services and technology designed to maximise quality and output.

Rail asset inspections are crucial in railway operations or in new infrastructure developments. This means that the rail industry needs an array of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) tools to perform at its most efficient.

Why are Rail Inspections important?

Rail infrastructure plays a vital role in connecting Australians to the resources needed to power the nation and provide the tools for economic growth. When moving people and millions of dollars of freight, it goes without saying that having confidence in the assets in use is paramount. In addition to general wear and tear from consistent use from passenger and freight loads, all assets are exposed to harsh natural environments. Failures, whether minor or major, simply cannot be afforded.

This is where high quality inspection services come into play. At Revo Group, we recognise the pivotal role Non-Destructive Testing can play in the evolution of rail inspections. Our team combines our knowledge and expertise with NDT inspection tools to provide operational efficiency and risk minimisation to the rail industry.

What is a key differentiator of our rail inspection services?

With expertise in NDT technology and inspections, Revo Group proudly offers complete rail inspection services from individual assets to infrastructure projects.

To ensure timely and applicable reporting for decision making, our team maintains consistent communication with key stakeholders throughout the entire process. With communication at the core of what we do, we reduce wasted time at each stage of the inspection process to minimise costs and delays. At Revo Group, we have highly experienced NDT Technicians ready to deploy to the most remote locations to keep the rail industry rolling!

The Revo Group Difference

Our specialty services include, but are not limited, to the following tests: flash butt weld, aluminothermic weld, wire feed weld, magnetic particle, rail wheel stress, and rail head hardness.

Oil and Gas Inspection Services

Do you want greater knowledge as to the condition of your oil and gas assets? Would you like to know where your areas of concerns are before they become a problem?

At Revo Group, we specialise in the provision of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) based asset inspections for the oil and gas industry. NDT technology, when implemented correctly, can detect hidden asset degradation which is vital when transporting abrasive materials.

We know that there is no such thing as a cookie cutter approach when it comes to your asset inspections.

Why are Oil and Gas Inspections important?

NDT is a vital tool for the oil and gas inspections, as it is critical for both the integrity of assets and equipment, and the safety of materials, staff and the environment. NDT can identify weaknesses in assets before they become a problem, saving you the potential loss of millions of dollars and negative news coverage.

Many within the oil and gas industry have begun to use NDT as part of their asset management program. Infrastructure including upstream wells, midstream pipelines and downstream refineries can employ non-destructive testing for valuable applications.

Pipelines pose some of the most difficult challenges for any inspector. Oil and gas pipelines can be kilometres in length and inspection methods can be slow when covering large distances. That is why we use Ultrasonic Testing (UT) methods. UT is one of the most well-developed, portable, and easy-to-use forms of NDT for oil and gas applications.

Another problem that NDT helps to relieve is finding areas of corrosion and erosion without having to stop production or conduct invasive testing on the asset. Corrosion and erosion often occur in oil and gas assets over time due to the highly abrasive nature of the product. This can lead to the thinning of walls of pipes, pressure vaessels and dome ends. Non-Destructive inspections provide a non-invasive method to routinely inspect wall thickness of your metal infrastructure, without taking it out of service. Learn more about using NDT for inspecting pipelines here

What is a key differentiator of our O&G inspection services?

With the constant evolution of NDT tech available to the oil and gas industry, keeping abreast of these innovations can be incredibly challenging. At Revo Group, we pride ourselves on staying on top of new NDT technology, so our customers don’t have to. Working with Revo Group ensures oil and gas producers in all phases of the production cycle improves the accuracy and speed of their NDT inspection of welds, pipes, and pressure and storage vessels. Improving production efficiency while ensuring safety and reliability of their operations.

We are also the Australian, New Zealand and South-East Asian agent for Innerspec Technologies. To find out more about the tech we offer and use for pipeline inspections, click here.

The Revo Group Difference

At Revo Group, we know the importance of putting top-quality NDT equipment in capable hands. We work with you to ensure fewer leaks and less equipment downtime. Trust in an inspection team that you can depend on.

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