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Reliability Maintenance Solutions Ltd

At RMS we believe it starts with a genuine desire to listen to customer challenges.


United Kingdom

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At RMS we believe it starts with a genuine desire to listen to customer challenges.

We offer expert consultancy, industry training & certifications and cutting-edge product solutions that significantly transform and protect assets for local and global organisations in industries such as oil & gas, petrochemical, paper, automobile, steel and aviation.

With 20+ years reliability experience we are a passionate, reputable, knowledgeable and trustworthy team of industry experts with a heightened ability of identifying problems and leveraging effective solutions, practices and technologies.

We demonstrate sustainable transformations through our distinctive empathic approach of collaborating with industry leaders enabling us to deliver effective solutions – from the factory floor to the board room – we help clients succeed in their pursuit of machine reliability.

Our mission

We believe that by listening carefully to customer needs, applying expert experience, implementing world class technology and certified training, we can solve complex reliability problems.

Our vision

With both a local and global mindset we seek to serve and protect customers better and scale best-in-class service, product and training solutions effectively and affordably throughout the UK and beyond.

Our values

We believe that by fostering a culture of service throughout the company and commitment to the needs and successes of others, we ensure that our relationships with customers are based on the same culture and values.

Products & Services
Motion Amplification Service

RMS provides a Motion Amplification service for a wide range of Industries and applications, this includes: vibration verification, commissioning, troubleshooting, R&D and root cause analysis. 

The MA technology delivers insights quickly and is used to identify where the vibration motion is coming from; it does this by visualizing a complete system, asset, machine or components motion using the cameras 2.3 million sensors. We can even get accurate frequency, time waveform and amplitude data from anywhere on the MA video using the non-contact software module.

The Motion Amplification service includes a detailed video analysis report of the asset of interest. We use RDI Technologies IRIS M™ and IRIS MX™ cameras for this service and an approved distributor and training provider.

Criticality Analysis Service

The Criticality Analysis service supports the notion that a key step for improving asset reliability and availability is to assess and document Plant Criticality and the impact of failure for individual assets and systems, which in turn will provide maintenance and reliability teams with key areas for improvement focus.

Based upon the need to better understand the impact of individual asset failure, our Plant Criticality studies will show the resultant benefits:

  • Focus the maintenance and reliability teams’ focus, application and resources
  • Provide an overall and individually ranked asset list in terms of criticality and importance to the business
  • Better understand the impact failure of each individual asset, with respect to safety, environment, production and maintenance
  • Provide a focus for developing and identifying asset defense plans (i.e. selection of the best and most appropriate maintenance techniques)
  • Help identify and set asset health monitoring periods
  • Identify system bottlenecks
  • Assist maintenance program building and planning

Asset Protection Plans

Asset Protection plans are typically put together after the Criticality assessment has been completed. However, where the criticality of the assets is already known an asset protection plan can be put together. This involves selecting the best and most appropriate maintenance techniques to protect the asset from failure.

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